Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is a post of pictures...and maybe video, if I am patient enough to load one ;). My brother, who is at art school far away, asked for more pictures of Taiger (he and Taiger are BEST buds!). Although my brother is not a huge fan of trendy things like blogs, he has agreed to view pics of Taiger here rather than me sending them one at a time to his phone (what a pain! LOL!). So, anyone not interested in seeing mad amounts of Taiger, DON'T READ THIS POST! :D To my brother: I LOVE YOU! Taiger is missing you like mad! Can't wait to see you!

So I started a "reward" system with Taiger. When he is good, minds, helps around the house, etc. he gets a bean. When he tantraums or is naughty, he pays me a bean. When he has enough beans, he gets a prize. This was the first thing he wanted. He has been wanting a Lightening McQueen umbrella for ages. He saw this one in the store a few weeks ago and never forgot it. When we started doing the beans I told him he could use his beans to buy prizes and the first thing he asked for was this umbrella. It took him a few days to earn enough beans, but finally he earned it! I was so proud of him! He was SO happy to have his umbrella! He even slept with it tucked in his arms the first night!! So, this is a picture of Taiger with his umbrella. You have to look closely to see the little boy under there.

Ryan made cookies with Taiger. Ryan gave Taiger a spoon to eat the dough while the oven heated! Taiger was in HEAVEN...no one else dared eat them...Taiger was "double dipping"! ;) I LOVE this picture SO MUCH! You can see how happy he is with an ENTIRE BOWL of cookie dough all to himself!

In case you can't figure this one out, it is Taiger in the bath. Aren't you glad I told you??

This is Taiger on his way to the mall. I carry the i-pod with us EVERYWHERE. Taiger HATES loud noises or sudden noises, and there is just no knowing for sure if someone will talk loudly or shout, so having headphones and music for him keeps him calm and ensure there are no tantrums...but more importantly, ensures Taiger isn't upset. Along with all that, I think he is SOOOOO cute in his "Skull Candy"'s!!!!!

Okay, so Taiger NEEDS you to come home from school! He needs some "guy" time! He has watched Twilight so many times he knows the lines! In his mind, it is just a cool movie about Vampires (which Taiger already LOVED long before Twilight) (And don't worry...we skip past the kissing scene and the fighting scene...a dissapointment for us...those are the only reasons we watch it! LOL! Just kidding.) Anyway, when his fighting games are not about pirates, they are now about VAMPIRES. One of us is a good vampire (one of the Cullens) and the other is a bad vampire (Laraunt, James or Victoria). This is Taiger tonight being James. That is the face of evil!

This one is even better! He thought he looked so mean in this picture! The right arm is showing off his muscle, which I think he thinks is his elbow. :D LOL!

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