Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It Winter Or Spring?!

I ask Taiger all time time, "Where is spring?!"
Is it Winter or Spring? The weather can't decide what it is doing. This is a picture of Taiger playing outside on Saturday....
Sunny, nice...Long sleeve shirt but no coat! WOO HOO! Green grass, blue skies...SPRING, right?!...

This is a picture of Taiger playing outside on Sunday.

WRONG! Snow, wet, cold, wind...Coat AND gloves AND snow pants!!!! Winter, right? I guess at least for another day.


Here are some more pictures of him playing on Saturday. The neighbors invited Taiger and I to go to the park with them to fly kites! It was SOOOO nice of them! We had so much fun! As you can tell from the pictures, Taiger LOVES their kids, and he and Jacob are the best little friends!!

Another picture of Taiger outside on Sunday. Look at the snow. So sad. :(

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Rebecca said...

We're having the same thing here in Missouri. Snowed about six inches on Saturday, 50 degrees and sunny on Sunday, this Saturday is supposed to be 70, and then another chance of snow on Sunday again! Crazy! Looks like you guys are having fun whatever the weather though!