Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picking out Gifts for William and Patience

So we are down to the last few days before Becky leaves. Two weeks sounded like SO MUCH TIME...two weeks ago! The time FLEW by, and I am glad I started right away getting things ready to send for her to take!
Earlier this week, Taiger was going around Target picking up EVERYTHING saying, "Can I get this for the boy with the burns? I think that little boy would like this!", etc. So, today, we took my three nephews, two nieces, and Taiger to the dollar store and let them all pick something out for William. Boy, was that ever fun! Crazy, yes, but very fun!
(On the way to the dollar store)
It was so neat to see all of these little kids running around the dollar store, excited to buy things for someone else, someone who they had never seen or met, but who they were truly concerned for and who they really each loved.I took some pictures I will post here of our wonderful "outting". The kids were SO excited that it was difficult to tell them that something they picked out just wasn't that good of an idea...they are kids, after all! I said things like, "Wow! That is a good idea, I just don't really think William would like an inflatable monkey". But it was SO CUTE and endearing the things they thought he would like! Some of the "best" were: inflatable monkey, foam glasses, a cup that looked like a coconut, whoopee cushion, feather duster, dog chew toy ("Does William have a dog? He might like this!" SO CUTE!), Speed Racer car (Taiger, of course), squeezable frog whose guts squirt out when squeezed. The list goes on. I must say, my favorite was the feather duster!Some of the "cute" things they wanted to get him I just had to let go. I hope he does not take the gifts at face value, but can see the love that went into them. For instance, my little nephew was dead-set on getting him one of those disguises with the big nose, glasses and fake mustache. I have no idea why, but he thought William would just love it, so I relented (this is the same kid who wanted to get him a dog toy and a feather duster, so the disguise was an improvement and looking pretty good against the options!).
(The foam glasses Jack wanted to give William)

We also picked out a few things for William's sister, Patience. We also included a little craft project for them to do together. I just hope he actually enjoys some of the things we send!!Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to help William! Thank you, too, to EVERYONE who is praying on behalf of this little boy.
(Taiger picking out crayons for William and Patience)

(Having fun picking out gifts for William and Patience)

It is easy to get caught up in the bandages, the toys, the medicine...but the fact remains that with God NOTHING is impossible! He could heal William NOW without all of those things, if it were in His plan to do so. God is bigger and stronger than this situation and than any of us. Praying for His healing mercy is a wonderful gift for William. Praying that a family is found for William and his sister is also a much needed plea at this time. Thank you ALL!!!!!!
(Everyone in the check-out line with gifts for William and Patience)


cicily said...

the kids r all SO CUTE,I love them!

Michelle Riggs said...

Thank you for helping this precious child.

I will be praying.