Thursday, April 23, 2009

Letters for William and Patience

We sent our package out today for William and Patience!!!!! It will arrive to Becky in the next two days...then ON TO WILLIAM AND PATIENCE!!! The kids were all SOOO EXCITED to send it!
The kids all drew pictures and wrote cards to send in the package. They were so cute drawing the pictures, thinking of what William and Patience might want on a card. Jonny made a folded boat and drew a calendar on his card for William. Mitchell drew two robots, one for William and one for Patience. Taiger drew a picture of monsters. Bryttan and I were the only ones old enough to write, so we wrote them each a little card.

This was a good little "Service Project" for the kids to do. I was really proud of all of the kids for caring about William and Patience. They really did well yesterday thinking of things to buy William and Patience, and today drawing special pictures to send. It was really a good experience for them...and me, too.

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