Sunday, March 29, 2009


(For those not familiar with classes and terms in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, here is a little note so you "get" this post! :) Our church meetings last three hours. One hour is for classes for the men and women separately. Relief Society is the class for just women and Priesthood Meeting is for the men. Sometimes, the two meet together to have a class as one. The Chapel is one big room, usually for the third hour of church when ALL the members (men, women, children...EVERYONE) come together for a meeting. On the week when Relief Society and Priesthood meet together, they sometimes meet in the Chapel because it is big enough for everyone. Sun Beams is the class for the three year olds that takes place at the same time as Relief Society and Priesthood Meeting.)

I am the Relief Society Chorister in church. I have only been in this calling for three weeks. Last week, Taiger had a rough morning so rather than going to Sun Beams, he came with me to Relief Society, where he stood quietly by my side as I led the music. Today, Relief Society was combined with Priesthood Meeting. We all met in the Chapel. Taiger insisted on coming with me to class (no fight there, I love to hold him in church! And I don't mind if he comes with me, except that he usually loves Sun Beams and I didn't want him to miss it!) Anyway, he promised to stand quietly by me while I led the one song we had today. When it was time to go up and lead, he spit out his binkie (wow!) and grabbed his hymn book. He followed me quietly to the front. As the music began, he asked me to help him find his page. I panicked, telling him I couldn't because the music was starting (panicked only because I thought a tantrum would ensue). He quietly and calmly sat down, found his page, then stood quietly beside me. With one arm he held his hymn book (like me, but I was amazed he could do it...the books are pretty heavy, not to mention awkward to hold one-handed) and with his free hand he led the music!!!!! I was amazed! No tantrum! No hanging on me! Not to mention, I am sure he was planning all this and that is why he really wanted to come with me to my class.

Of course, everyone just thought he was so cute up there, all the old ladies were ga gaing over him. After church one woman told me how precious it was to see him standing by Mommy leading the music so nicely.

Okay, so we were sitting towards the front of the Chapel for this class because I didn't want to walk clear from the back when it came time to lead the music (more time to fall, or something!). During class, Taiger wanted to go out and get a drink. He has never done this alone at church, and I was worried he would get lost. But I didn't want to get up and walk out, since we were in the front. I sent him alone with much trepidation, but he did fine and came right back! He asked to go out again, and since he had done so well the first time, and had even been reverent, I said he could. He walked away and about four seconds later (long enough he was not near me) he began whistling as he walked. YES. WHISTLING. It echoed through the chapel, and I could do nothing but sit there, hide my face and laugh silently. I noticed the Bishop, sitting in front, was doing the same...hiding his smile and laughing. It was slightly embarrassing, really, but also something that a Mom must take in stride. He had his little hands folded and was thinking he was just being so good and reverent, totally oblivious to his surroundings. Although I hope that NEVER happens again, it was such an oh-so-cute moment! One of those sweet stories I am sure I will remember forever.


Calmil2 said...

I LOVE this story...what a character and you are so good at appreciating all those great "mommy moments"! Harmony

Rebecca Smith said...

What a big boy! I can just picture him whistling as he walked. Too cute!