Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on William

Poor little William. The doctor has stopped bandaging his feet. No one knows for sure why, but it must be all the doctor knows to do, or maybe he doesn't have any more supplies...either way, I am very anxious for Becky to get there and start taking care of him.

Taiger and I went to Target yesterday and bought socks to send William. Sweet Taiger wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the toy section for "the boy with the burns". It was really touching to see him thinking of someone else, ESPECIALLY when it comes to TOYS!

I am also worried because William is really discouraged. Kingsly, (the "owner" of the orphange) said William spends most of his time crying now. We don't know at this point why that is either, but I can guess: He must be in TONS of pain (they ran out of pain meds for him about 2 weeks ago). He may be afriad, no knowing what will happen with his feet, worried he will never again walk, discouraged and hopeless because the doctors have no more medicine or money for bandages for him. I don't know about you, but hearing about a little boy afraid and in pain AND CRYING breaks my heart!!!!!!! I would be there in A SECOND if I could be imminized!!!!!!!

William NEEDS a family to adopt him!!!!! He has a beautiful, amazing sister, Patience, who is 11, who has been caring for him with his burns, who MUST be adopted with him!!!!!! If you know of ANYONE who is considering adopting, please tell them about William and Patience! We have pictures available of them, and people who can tell you ALL about them. From what I have heard, they are nothing but SWEET, HELPFUL, WONDERFUL children. More than that, they are children of Heavely Father, and they DESERVE a family for now and FOREVER!

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