Monday, April 6, 2009

Taiger's amazing vocabulary words for today

The mail man just came and Taiger shuffled through the envelopes while I went in my room to get something for work. After a moment he came in with an envelope. "Mom!" he said very seriously, "We need to..." and here he pointed at the words on the envelope as if he were reading and said deliberately, "Get. In. The. Loop.!" I was laughing so he held up the envelope and pointing to the "loop" said, "See?" just to make sure I understood how serious he was.

Earlier he had found a kaleidoscope I had bought but was not giving him yet (I stock up on things when I find a good sale and hang on to them until birthday, Christmas, etc. He got a gun for Easter I had had on hand for about two years!). Anyway, as he held it up to his eye, I said, "Wow! You look like a PIRATE!" I was going to, later, explain to him about how it is not the SAME kind pirates use, but he can PRETEND that it is. Well, Taiger looked at me like I was a little child and he needed to teach me something new and said, "Mom, pirates use long TELESCOPES." My mouth dropped and I was laughing so hard!!

While he was trying to use the kaleidoscope, he could not wink to look through with just one eye. I held my hand over the other eye so he could at least have the right effect. Well, after looking through it for a few minuets, he said matter-of-factly, "I need two of these." I asked, "Why?" He replied, "So I can have one on each eye." I was glad to hear he is still a little kid, despite his amazing vocabulary.

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Rebecca Smith said...

Cracking up! He's such a cutie!