Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Am A REAL Photographer! LOL! My dream comes true.

My photographs made it on to the news' website!!

So, click THIS link. Then, you will see the little window you can click to watch a video, and RIGHT above that video is a tab that says "images". Mine is not the first one, but the next three are all mine!


I Love My House, I Love My Nest! In All The World My Nest Is Best!

I'm moving.

Or, at least, I WISH I were. These homes really ARE "for the birds"! (Red Fred Bidoni, you might like one of these places as much as I do!)

Look HERE.


It's time again for...

I am not very good at remembering to take pictures of myself/what I am wearing, so this week only has a few pictures. Sorry.

We went to Utah this week...what a BLAST! Anyway, my camera battery died our last day there, and I didn't get more batteries until the night before last, so some of the week I didn't take pictures. Sorry...again.

Shirt: Handed down (This shirt is getting some SERIOUS mileage! HERE and HERE)
Tank: Target-- $5.00
Capris: Target-- I think they were about $20.00

I wasn't loving the pants I had available to wear today (meaning, the only ones CLEAN!), so just ignore them, really. (But I will still list them, don't worry.)

Shirt: Handed Down (but the tag says "Forever". Where do they sell THAT brand? Any ideas?)
Tank: Old Navy(I forgot how much, but I assume around $5.00, knowing my budget for these things.)
Boy Cut Jeans: Old Navy $20.00

Dress: Old Navy (about 6 years ago!) $35.00
Cardigan: Target $15.00
Socks: (Taigers!) Target 5 pair for $4.00
Shoes: Aeropostale $20.00

And since I didn't have many pictures of what I wore this week, I thought I would post a picture of what I BET I would have been wearing this week had I been born 90 years ago. :)

These two lookers were waiting at the crosswalk with us while we were walking to Temple Square in SLC. I really did love their vintage style and wish I could pull it off, especially the one in the blue dress. I decided this is a picture of my sister and myself in years to come. I am the one in the blue, rocking the sunglasses. Don't I look fabulous?

What did YOU wear this week?

And Then The Unspeakable Happened...

I always have all these things I want to do, but I never get them done. I have all these good intentions...paving my way to You-Know-Where. :)

Every Monday, I have three tests for school. They are hard. I usually spend ALL. DAY on Monday studying for them (I told my boss I need Mondays off because that is my "school" day). Today, I had to work. I didn't get everything done. At 11:47 the panic set in. You know what I mean...the college panic. The panic where you know the clock is winding down and you aren't done with whatever you are supposed to turn in, and you want to cry, but you don't have time, and you start to shake, but you don't have time for that either, so you try and will your eyes to read words in the book faster, your hand to write the answers to questions faster...you even kind of think if you don't look at the clock, maybe the time will somehow NOT run out.

All three tests are due BY MIDNIGHT each Monday. I was half way through my second test, totally stumped on question eight, with only 13 minutes to finish that test AND take the next one.


I submitted the last test when my computer clock read 12:01, but the kitchen clock read 11:59, so hopefully my professor's clock matches my kitchen clock and not my computer clock.

Anyway, it was ugly. Very ugly. By the end, I was just randomly clicking answers to the multiple choice questions, sometimes without even completely reading the question. I got some pretty low scores on my tests, as you could imagine.

Ugly. Really, really ugly.

Every day, I have so many things I want to accomplish and every night I am hoping it is really only 11:59 and not 12:01 because I still need time to finish. To finish cleaning. To finish studying. To finish working. To finish watching my FAVOURITE show. To finish unpacking. To finish reading. To finish some things I have not even yet started, like figuring out what to teach Taiger in homeschool, or corn rowing Taiger's hair, or helping Taiger with his gymnastics, or playing with Taiger, or homemaking something healthy and yummy to eat, or taking a walk to enjoy the weather, or taking the time to look at the changing leaves, or helping Taiger practice reading, or going to the store to get some much needed groceries, or writing in my journal, or helping Taiger write in his journal...

Oh dear. The list goes on. And it is 3:00am, and I still am thinking, "Don't we have just a few more minutes in this day?"

(By the way, I love Taiger. :) )

Friday, September 23, 2011

I Think I Would Have Prefered to be Stood Up Again

I met this awesome guy.

We texted and talked on the phone and really connected.

Went on a date with him two weeks ago.

Had a BLAST.

Didn't talk much the past two weeks, but set up a date for this week in Utah on Thursday.

Felt all week like he wasn't interested, but then thought maybe I was just being paranoid.
Confirmed Tuesday that we were still on for Thursday.

Thursday he texted me. I asked how his day was...

He said he felt like he was maybe starting to feel sick.

(DUM, DUM, DUUUUUUM. Enter horrible excuse stage left.)

I asked if he was feeling well enough to still do something, knowing the answer would change everything.

He said no, he thought he should stay home and rest.

That's when I knew. I mean, if you are totally smitten with someone, you don't "stay home and rest" because you feel like you MIGHT be STARTING to get sick.
So, I asked him point blank if he was interested in me, or if he just kind of wanted me to leave him alone.
His answer?

(Take a big hand, as demonstrated in image found above. Use it to give yourself a backhand across the face. Now you know how his answer felt. Now, I will tell you what he said.)
"I am only slightly interested in you...".
I kid you not. All "polite" and "gentlemanly" like that and everything. (That was sarcastic, by the way. He could have just said he wasn't interested, he didn't have to say "SLIGHTLY". RUDE!)

He said some more things that were really hurtful that meant he wasn't interested, and closed by saying we could be friends if I wanted.
I replied that I can take a hint.
He thanked me and I haven't heard from him since.

So, I pose two questions:
First, where are all the good guys? The ones with manners. (I mean, if he wasn't interested, why did he act interested on the first date? He could have been polite and had fun without flirting and making me think he liked me. Furthermore, if he didn't want to have a second date, why did he confirm only TWO DAYS before? He could have told me then he wasn't interested instead of waiting until I drove from Idaho to Utah?)

Second, (and this one you aren't going to want to answer, but I am asking you to, as dear blog-world friends, so PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSE do answer) (and I know it is going to hurt, but I am ready for it, so don't hold back!), what is wrong with me? And I don't mean that in some self depreciating way. And, of course, I wouldn't change my personality, or beliefs, or anything major, just for some guy. But really, honestly, maybe I am doing something "wrong" that I just do not realize I am doing, but that I could really easily change! Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated. (I promise I won't block you from my blog, or "unfriend" you on facebook.) AND, if I use your advice and get second date with a guy, I will give you some cool prize. Like, a tracing of my hand. Or a bouquet of dandelions. (Now, tell me that isn't incentive to really try and help a sister out?!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Parade Hair??

Did you think Mr. T's hair looked a little crazy in the Spud Day pictures?

That is because just before watching the big parade...

He was in the KID'S parade. Yes, they have a kid's parade at Spud Day, and any kid who shows up can ride his bike, skateboard, scooter, or his good ol' feet the length of the parade route, and have the entire town cheer and clap as he walks by.

Taiger rode his little 4-wheeler. His cousin rode with him on the back. Taiger was dressed in his super hero getup. Everyone knows ALL Super Heroes make an appearance at the local, hometown parades! Not to be mistaken for a villain, Taiger's cousin put on Taiger's old batman mask to take his ride. A sign on the front of the 4-wheeler read, "Mr. Power and Batman: Shelley's Own Super-Duo!"

Because they didn't get the turbo going on the 4-wheeler right off, they were last in the parade. And let me tell you, they were none the worse for it! They rode down the street with no other kids around, and boy were they the center of attention! They waved at their adoring fans as they drove along. The onlookers clapped and cheered and shouted, "Yay Mr. Power!"

And what was the excuse for my hair?



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yesterday was Spud Day here in Small Town, Idaho. Spud Day is when all of the 3,000 inhabitants here come out to celebrate the potato. Yes, the potato. Now, that might sound really stupid to some of you city folk, but I'll tell you what! If it weren't for Idaho's potato farmers, we all would be in a world of potatoless hurt! So, each year we faithfully come together to say a collective THANK YOU for the potato. And thank you for the farmers and their families who work the fields and grow the delicious root we all know and love.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spud Day!!



SPUD DAY!!!!!!

"What's Spud Day?" you ask?

It is a celebration of the great Idaho Potato!!




Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's time again fooooooor.....WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY!
With today's host, BREC! :D
I kind of forgot to take pictures a few days, so you will have to take what you can get.

Tank: Old Navy $4.00
Shirt: Handed Down (yes, yes...it is the same shirt I wore HERE)
Capris: Target $20.00
Shoes: Payless (I don't remember how much, but I want to say $10.00)
Same as above, but here I added the jacket to see which I liked better.
Jacket: Aeropostale (a THOUSAND years ago!) $25.00

Tank: I don't even remember. SORRY!
Dress: Forever 21 $10.00
Over Shirt Jacket Thing: I don't remember...SORRY!
This is the same thing as above, but tied in front for a different look.
(Yes, I wore it BOTH ways on the same day...had to mix it up, you know?!)

Blouse: Maurice's : $20.00
Skirt: Bought in 2003, you think I remember where?
Necklace: Maurice's $8.00
Shoes (not shown): TJ Maxx $7.00

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11: In Retrospect

I have been thinking a lot about September 11, 2001. I think probably the entire nation has been today.

I wanted to post something on here about that day...but I didn't know what I really wanted to say. However, as I posted on facebook, my thoughts somehow spilled out on the screen and what I felt I saw coming from my own voice. This is what I posted:

It doesn't seem like it has been ten years. It is strange how quickly one can fall into a new "normal". I remember the days before the word "terrorist" was even in my vocabulary, really. Now, you hear that word almost daily on the news, and use it often, too. The funny thing is, on 9/11, they thought they were instilling fear in us. They thought it was an act of terrorism. But really, America fought in every way possible to keep it from filling us with terror, and we have succeeded! I am not "afraid". They thought they would make us live in fear. Instead, we live resolute. We stand together as a nation. We remember those who died, not those who killed. We have made the fight against TERROR real, not some abstract, frightening thing.

That really sums up what I think about that day ten years ago. I was afraid that day. But I saw others' courage. I saw the other's strength. I saw their patriotism. I listened in the following days to the news reports, and what people older and wiser than I, who had lived through war, had lived through attacks on American soil in Hawaii, had to say. I found courage in their words. I found strength in their strength. I found confidence in their experience and wisdom.

That day, terrorists killed innocent people. They defiled the purity of our soil. They invaded our free land. But they did not fulfil their purpose: They did not bring terror to our courageous hearts.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ah, the Cleverness of Me!

This is one of my favourite pictures of Mr. T.
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, just so you know.

SO, I was thinking. My blog is a little random. I mean, for maybe a month, I was posting all about Taiger's hair. Sometimes, I post about our lives, as if I am writing for friends and family to know what is happening in our little corner of the world. Other times, I post really generic posts without much thought or insight, like "What I Wore Wednesday". I mean, I were following my blog, I would probably QUIT! I mean, when I follow a blog on African- American haircare, that is what I want to read about. If I follow a blog to stay up to date on a friend or family member, I don't want to hear all about their kid's hair! When I find a good blog about fashion, I could care less about the "darling" thing their annoying child said that day.

Is this blog completely annoying to follow? Do you wish I would find a theme and STICK WITH IT? If so, comment, and let me know.

(By the way, I am loving THIS band right now.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Wore Thursday...er, Wednesday

So, here is my first What I Wore Wednesday post (okay, I KNOW! It is Thursday! Don't judge me. I was very busy yesterday, okay?!)

Okay, so for those of you who don't know about "What I Wore Wednesday" (WIWW), it is when you take pictures all week of what you wore each day. Then, you post the pictures on your blog and tell people where you got the clothes and how much they cost. I wasn't really interested in WIWW...until I found the blog of a Mom who participates in WIWW. She said doing it helps motivate her to get all dressed up cute each day, even though she is just going to be around the house with her kids. I TOTALLY "get" that!! I often think, "Why dress up when no one is even going to see me?!" But really, getting all "dolled up" and dressing in your favourite "going out" clothes makes you feel more confident and HAPPY! But also I feel like I have some really cute clothes but I never get to "show them off" (Taiger could care less if my jeans look cute with "that" shirt, or if my necklace matches my shoes!) So, I decided that I would do WIWW to give me a reason to get out of my jeans and t-shirt and in to jewlery and fancy clothes. :) Plus, it gives me a way to "show off" when I think I have a cute outfit. :P

So, my challenge for you today is to participate in WIWW (ESPECIALLY you stay-at-home moms, or friends living in places like China where getting dressed up is not practical nor appreciated :) )! Even if you only post ONE per week from the ONE day you got dolled up. :) Post it and feel fabulous and let all your nice bloggy friends tell you how great you look. :)

Shirt: Gifted/ hand-me-down from my great friend, Candice! (THANK YOU, Candice!)
Belt: American Eagle $10.00
Jeans: American Eagle $30.00

SHIRT: Gifted/Handed down from Candice
Yellow Tank: Aeorpostal $5.00
Sweater: Handed down
Jeans: DI $5.00

Shirt: Handed down
Necklace: 147 Million Orphans $20.00
Belt: American Eagle $10.00
Jeans: American Eagle $30.00
And there is a tank under there, too: Aeropostal $5.00

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So, I decided to look online and find all the pictures I could of famous actresses with bangs like mine, and then try to make mine look like theirs. Here are the pictures I found:

And this is what I ended up with for MY hair. Like theirs? Not so much. :( But I thought maybe if I didn't smile for the picture, I would look like a movie star in a photo shoot. (Either that, or I would look like I take my bangs SERIOUSLY.)

(Oh. And did I mention I have a DATE in two days. With a SUPER hot guy, I might add. Do you think my bangs will grow out my then?? CROSSING MY FINGERS! Does anyone know if Miracle Gro works on hair? ha ha).

Want to see the ADORABLE outfit I am wearing? Come back tomorrow. I have decided to be like a "real" blogger and participate in "What I Wore Wednesday". See you tomorrow!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bangs Part II

So, remember how I wanted bangs??

Well...this is what I got (I am sorry for any pain this may inflict...it pains me every time I look in the mirror) :
The horror.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Internet Connections

So, the internet...It is a wonderful place. And it is a place where you can see the convoluted relationships in your life. One example:

Today, I saw someone new was following my blog. I wondered if/how I know this person, so I did a little (MINOR, don't be afraid) stalking. I checked their blog list and when I didn't recognize any, I clicked on one of the blogs this person "follows" and looked at THEIR blog list (are you keeping up?). There, I found one of my friend's blogs (she is a friend, but she is also my ex-boyfriend from high school's little sister, so already things are convoluted!). I wondered if maybe they were related, so I looked through more of their blog list and didn't see any blogs of this ex-boyfriend's-sister's family, so assumed maybe it was just some (strange) chance. Okay, so I went back to the original person's blog and clicked another of the blogs he/she follows. Guess who owned THAT blog? One of my sweet group therapy facilitators. So, this person I don't know, knows my ex-boyfriend's sister AND my therapist?! How does this even happen? Then, I went back to the first person's blog and clicked another blog, only to find that this new person was related to my ex-boyfriend's sister. WHAT?!?!

For some reason, I always thought that the people I knew, knew me and their other friends, and that is all. Sometimes, if you met someone new who lived in your same town, you may find you know some of the same people in different groups. But the groups were always very defined, even if there was some "cross-over" between said groups. With the internet, I am learning all the "rules" (or maybe I should say "definitions") I THOUGHT there were, are GONE! I can know someone who knows someone else, who knows someone who knows me. And I suppose all along this kind of thing would happen, but I would have never known. Could you imagine what it would be like trying to discover this same kind of connection BEFORE the internet? You would have to make a list of ALL the people you know and give it to everyone you know. Then, they would have to give that same list to their friends and ask them if they knew anyone on MY list. (And NOT just friends in the same area, or the same demographic, but ALL of their friends!) At the same time, they would have THEIR own list going around, trying to find out who knows someone, or who knows someone who knows someone, on their list. It would have been nearly IMPOSSIBLE, and very time consuming and labor intensive.

And that is all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bangs Part 1

Soooooo....Remember when I had bangs (and a boyfriend, but I digress)....

(Bangs="fringes", for you Brits)...

And they looked good...

And they just kind of softened my features?.....

Remember that?

Friday, September 2, 2011


TAIGER CAN READ!!!!!!! Okay, so he has been able to sound things out for a LONG time. But last night he read two sentances without having to really stop between each sound, he just sounded it out in his head and then said the words so it was a fluid sentence. He was SO EXCITED he ran through the kitchen and into the living room shouting, "I CAN READ! I CAN READ!" (This is a HUGE deal to him because he realizes the implications of being able to read. I have always taught him that if he can read, he can learn ANYTHING! Plus, he is so excited for the day when he can read The Lord Of The Rings to ME. :) ) So, I grabbed the video camera and took a video of his huge accomplishment. (And you HAVE to love how after two sentences he is ready to be done reading and go play Lego Pirates on the WII! LOVE that kid! :) )

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1:00 am

Why? What do YOU do at one o'clock in the morning?