Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ugly (Or, Me During Midterms)

Midterms week.  I have my big test in Chinese tomorrow.  When I have a midterm or final in a Chinese class, my life revolves around that test.  I study day and night, and when I am not studying, I am worried because I am not studying.  I don't clean, cook, play...I barely shower (and that's not an exaggeration).  This is the dirty, ugly side of me.  "Come one, come all!  See the horrifying Ms.- B- During- Midterms- Week!"  I should charge.  It is THAT bad.  I didn't do the dishes in about five days.  By the time I stopped studying long enough to wash the dishes last night, there was mold.  MOLD, people.

Mr. T is in Idaho.  It is the safest place for him at this time (lol).  Anyway, like every midterm/final exam time, I am horrified at what I have become, wallowing under a pile of papers, books, pencils, dictionaries, notes, half written projects and reports, electronic devices, wearing sweats (probably with cheetos shaped finger prints on the legs), my brain so full of Chinese I can't think straight, and looking like a Walker from The Walking Dead, because I haven't slept more than five hours all week.

Be glad you are not here, friends.  And all who wish to enter here, be ye warned.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update :)

It has been a LONG time since I have written, and I kind of began to wonder if the blogging side of my life was on hold for a season, or maybe even (GASP!) ending (gulp).  But alas, I find myself sneaking back here now and then, just to look.  For what, I don't now.  I just type in the address.  Scroll down the page a bit, and then leave.  I'm odd, I know. The definition of insanity is something about someone repeatedly doing something again and again with the same result but expecting something different, and I was worried that might include expecting something different even if you are not sure what that something different is, in which case, I am on a quick trip to crazy town.  SO, I am doing something about it and writing, and then I will surprise myself the next time I click to my blog. :)

Life is so busy, with so much going on!  We have cut away at Taiger's hair, little by little, until there is almost nothing left.  He is thrilled with it!  I am mourning the loss of his beautiful curls.  But he ended up with those long locks in the first place because I felt his hair styles should be HIS choice, not mine, and if that is so then cutting it is his choice, so as soon as he says the word, I pull out the scissors.  It is hard to see all that beautiful hair (showing the result of all those years of TORTURE working to get it curly, soft, healthy, long, etc.) flushed down the toilet (literally), but that is his choice.  So, what is a mommy to do?

I have been working and I love my job!  I am teaching at the Maria Montessori Academy.  I work as a special education assistant in a Lower Elementary classroom (about ages 6-8) in the mornings, and then I teach writing to a small group of students in the afternoons (about ages 13-15).  I also teach about 15 mins of yoga in the morning to the Lower Elementary class where I am the assistant.  I love the teacher in whose classroom I am working, and I absolutely adore all of my students!  Teaching yoga is so satisfying, and I love hearing those tiny kids use words like "Namaste" and "Shavasina" :)  Warms my heart.  My writing group is fantastic!  I have REALLY connected with one of my students, and I received the warmest, most sincere hug from him yesterday.  That class pushes my creativity and teaching experience as I come up with new lesson plans, games, visuals, methods to teach, etc.  That is just the kind of thing I LOVE.  I really enjoy teaching that group.  Working with the special needs kids in the classroom is just as rewarding as you can imagine.  I love it, and have felt a great sense of accomplishment when I am able to connect with a child, help them through a difficult moment, teach them tools for coping, help them accomplish a goal, or do just about ANYTHING else to help them.  I love the students, and I absolutely love working with them.

On the topic of Maria Montessori Academy, Taiger was accepted there for this Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited when I found out he had been accepted!  I just wanted to scream and jump up and down!  It is wonderful as I know he will just THRIVE in that learning environment!  Along from that benefit, I am also so excited to have him with me during the week!!!!!!!!  He will go to school and come home WITH ME!  And although he will not be in the classroom where I teach (most likely), I will still be right there in the same building so if there is a problem I can help him, and we can probably have lunch together (although I bet he won't want that every day, as he will surely be busy with friends).  I imagine we will move to the city where the school is, so no more commuting an hour each way for work!  And did I mention we will BE TOGETHER?!  Yippee!  I absolutely LOVE the Montessori method of teaching and I am SO EXCITED to give Taiger the experience to learn in the Montessori way.  I love it!

This post has turned MUCH longer than I EVER expected.  (Boy, I am surprising myself already!)  I hope all of you, my friends and blog readers, are having a wonderful week and that wherever you are it is SUNNY outside! :)