Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Revisited

These are pictures from our WONDERFUL Primary Easter Egg Hunt that took place yesterday afternoon. It was SO calm and nice! The kids were separated into groups, and there weren't TOO many kids Taiger's age, so everyone found plenty of eggs. (We opted to skip out on the city egg hunts. I HATE those! So many kids, and all the parents are screaming at their kids, "Amy! Amy! Get over here! You missed that egg! Jason! You walked right past it! Get over here before someone else gets it! Hurry up! GOSH!" Come on...you all know THAT mom!) Last year we went to a city egg hunt, stood in the FREEZING cold at 8:00am, waited for, like, 45 mins while they "organized" the kids, groups, leaders, etc....and Taiger got ONE egg. Yes. One. (Because I am NOT THAT mom!) Anyway, this hunt was really fun and mellow!

So, inside they had a giant, inflated Easter Bunny. I thought it was way cute and got all excited over it! ("Taiger! Look at this cute Easter Bunny! Wow! Look how big it is!" All of this being said in a very high, squeely, annoying voice...because I am 'THAT OTHER' mom...the really excited one!) Taiger was totally unimpressed and didn't want to have his picture taken with it (could this possibly be MY son?!). I asked him why? I said, "Are you scared of it?" He said no. I said, hesitantly, "Do you think it is dumb?" He laughed as he said, "YEAH!" He totally sounded like a 15 year old whose Mom dragged him off to this stupid kiddy thing. =SIGH= To humor me, he let me take his picture with the giant bunny. Boy, was I ever excited! Too bad you can't see the outpouring of excitement in Taig's face.

As we went to leave the egg hunt, it had just begun to rain, and Taig said, "It smells so good when it starts to rain." (Okay, DEFINITELY my son!) When we got home from the hunt, it was raining more, so we ran around outside and played in the rain. TOO fun!

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