Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip To Boise

So, this past weekend we went to Boise to see my sister and her kids!  Her little boy was getting Baptized.  We were all so proud of him!!

I wanted to upload pictures to facebook, but it is acting weird and won't let me put any pictures on.  (Mysterious!) So, I decided to share them here.  It took me almost 15 hours to load these babies, so everyone better enjoy them! lol ;)

This has GOT to be one of my favourite pictures of Taiger EVER.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can You Guess Where We Went and What We Did?

So, we had another adventure, Taiger, Mr. J and myself.  And two of Mr. J's friends came alone.

So, where did we go?  See if you can guess.

First, we drove about three hours.  

When we arrived at a small town named Parawan, we stopped at a diner and got some some food food to go.  We drove about 45 minutes more and stopped at a park for a picnic with our food from the diner.

Taiger had been sitting in the car far too long to sit some more and eat, so he was off playing and exploring right away!  Mr. J and Friend D helped Taiger build a dam out of rocks in the stream at the park.

After lunch we bought tickets and we took a chairlift up a mountain...

What a great view!

At the top of the mountain, we had to wait a while before the "show" started.

What were we waiting for?

While we waited, Taiger collected rocks and began his work in masonry, cutting and knapping.

But where are we?

What could Taiger possibly be looking at with those special glasses?

Whatever it was, he was JUST as interested in climbing around on the rocks.

What is that behind us??

After the big event (have you guessed it yet?!) we had to wait in line for the chairlift down.

You see, to get to the top of the mountain, people spent all day arriving.  Not everyone came at once.

But they all surely wanted to get down off the mountain at once!  We waited over TWO HOURS!  Taiger was hungry, cold, thirsty and SUPER TIRED!  After the sun set, things got really cold.  Since we were at 11,000 feet there was still snow on the ground!  Finally, one of the rangers on the mountain brought out a few emergency blankets for those most frozen.  We scored one and I bundled Taiger up right away.  Poor kid was not a happy camper.

Anyway, we did finally get on the chairlift, and what a beautiful ride down the mountain!  I wish I had pictures to share with you, but it was amazing.  Although the sun had set some time before, the sky still was not yet completely black and shone with just a little light.  The stars were coming out, the wind had died down, and it was actually much warmer than standing on the wet ground on the mountain top.  We were all cuddled together on the chairlift with the blanket, and so relieved to be on our way down, it was a peaceful ride.  (Behind us by several chairs a woman was singing.  It seems like it would be really strange.  You can always tell when people are on the verge of being quite miserable because they start singing.  The woman's voice was actually very pleasant and rang clear and lovely like a lullaby over the mountain tops.  It only added to the surreal feeling of the day.)

So, what had we embarked on such a great adventure to experience?  What had Taiger been looking at through his special glasses?

You get ONE MORE hint.  I think these pictures may give you a clue!

Yes!  You guessed it!  We went to see the ANNULAR ECLIPSE!  Taiger and I drove about 3 1/2 hours to Salt Lake and the next morning rode with Mr. J and his friends about 4 hours to Brian Head in southern Utah.  We had quite the adventure driving there and back, and the entire trip was so much fun!  But seeing the Eclipse?  It was incredible.

See those pictures?  Isn't it AMAZING?!  I was BLOWN. AWAY!  It was such a spectacular even to witness. So incredible.  I was so humbled to see the amazing work of God.

Did you get to see the Eclipse?  If you did, leave a post about your experience.  Where did you see it?  Who were you with?  

If you did not get to see it, here is a video of the moon eclipsing the sun (if I can get it to load...no promises).