Friday, December 10, 2010

Back From The Future (China's time zone is actually about 12 hours ahead of America's)

grand [grand]
adj (comparative grand`er, superlative grand`est)
1. outstanding: outstanding and impressive in appearance, extent or style
2. impressive: impressive, ambitious, and far-reaching
3. worthy of respect: worthy of great respect by virtue of exceptional ability or high rank
4. wonderful: wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable
5. principal: main or principle

Taiger and I are home from China. Of all our adventures so far, this was, certainly, although not "by far", the grandest!

We are still suffering from jet-lag. Taiger keeps trying to communicate in Chinese with non-Chinese speakers. Taiger has hardly stopped eating since we arrived (when we called my family before boarding our last plane from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Taiger asked Grandma to please meet him at the airport with FIVE cheeseburgers and a pop). I feel like I have "medicine head" and can't stay awake, nor stay asleep. It is wonderful to be "home"!

Our time in China was wonderful and difficult and I can't wait to share pictures and stories!