Monday, April 20, 2009

On Love and William

I am excited to blog about our trip to Idaho and Taiger's Easter with his cousins...BUT I WON'T! I will refrain, because I said I am only going to post about helping William until we have all the funds and items raised/gathered for him that he needs. OOOO! We are SOOO CLOSE to having all Becky will need for this trip!

So many, many people have stepped forward to help this little boy and his sister! What a fabulous and remarkable thing to see. Complete strangers reaching out to these two. People who don't know a whit about Luckyhill, or even about Ghana for that matter!, are coming forward with ANYTHING they have to send with Becky, from money, to boxes of band aids!

Becky's purpose for this trip to "save William" was to begin the process of healing William's burns. However, her OTHER purpose, and one just as, if not more, important, was to begin to heal his spirit, hopefully before it is too broken. She wants to tell him that, even though he has suffered great loss in his short life, God has NEVER forgotten him! That even though he is an orphan, HE IS NOT ALONE! That hundreds of people here on earth love him and care about him and pray for him every day. She wants to tell him about all of the people who really do love him. Becky knows that this moment could be a turning point in William's life. He could feel so destitute and alone that he turns away from the "world" and closes in on himself and no longer reaches out, or up. He could begin to believe he really is alone here on earth. He could begin to feel in his heart that he really is an orphan, with no one. OR...he could learn that when we reach to God, He reaches back, and sometimes through the arms of other people. That his parents may have gone to Heaven, but they still love him. That although he has no mother and father for a season, great love is being poured out to him every day. That he will never, ever be alone in this world. That his heart can feel full of God's love, and the love of other people on earth.

Thank you all for being the drop in this HUGE, overflowing bucket of LOVE! Without you, William may not have been able to believe that people out there care about him. Now, he will know he is loved. That God has sent help for him. That he need never fear, for God is in control of ALL things, and forgets NO ONE! Not the lonely, not the orphaned. NO ONE.

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Lois said...

Thank you for the love that you have shown to William. I've learned so many things from this experience and have renewed faith in man kind!