Tuesday, April 28, 2009


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, Becky left for Ghana and William and Patience. Her origonal goal had been to collect supplies to help William for three months...In the end, she left with enough to last SIX MONTHS!!!!! Yes, SIX!!!!!!! My heart is so full of gratitude and joy! HOORAY!!!!!!! This is just so wonderful!!

I will keep everyone updated as I am updated! Let's keep praying for her safe journy, his speedy recovery, and a family for this sweet brother and sister.

Thank you all!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Ol' Swap-A-Roo

Somehow, these last two posts published in the wrong order! Naturally, we FIRST picked out the gifts, THEN sent the package. I hope anyone who reads this caught that and isn't laying awake in bed, totally confused, trying to figure it out. HA HA! So yes, please read the blog "Picking out gifts..." FIRST, THEN read "Letters for...". Thank you!

Picking out Gifts for William and Patience

So we are down to the last few days before Becky leaves. Two weeks sounded like SO MUCH TIME...two weeks ago! The time FLEW by, and I am glad I started right away getting things ready to send for her to take!
Earlier this week, Taiger was going around Target picking up EVERYTHING saying, "Can I get this for the boy with the burns? I think that little boy would like this!", etc. So, today, we took my three nephews, two nieces, and Taiger to the dollar store and let them all pick something out for William. Boy, was that ever fun! Crazy, yes, but very fun!
(On the way to the dollar store)
It was so neat to see all of these little kids running around the dollar store, excited to buy things for someone else, someone who they had never seen or met, but who they were truly concerned for and who they really each loved.I took some pictures I will post here of our wonderful "outting". The kids were SO excited that it was difficult to tell them that something they picked out just wasn't that good of an idea...they are kids, after all! I said things like, "Wow! That is a good idea, I just don't really think William would like an inflatable monkey". But it was SO CUTE and endearing the things they thought he would like! Some of the "best" were: inflatable monkey, foam glasses, a cup that looked like a coconut, whoopee cushion, feather duster, dog chew toy ("Does William have a dog? He might like this!" SO CUTE!), Speed Racer car (Taiger, of course), squeezable frog whose guts squirt out when squeezed. The list goes on. I must say, my favorite was the feather duster!Some of the "cute" things they wanted to get him I just had to let go. I hope he does not take the gifts at face value, but can see the love that went into them. For instance, my little nephew was dead-set on getting him one of those disguises with the big nose, glasses and fake mustache. I have no idea why, but he thought William would just love it, so I relented (this is the same kid who wanted to get him a dog toy and a feather duster, so the disguise was an improvement and looking pretty good against the options!).
(The foam glasses Jack wanted to give William)

We also picked out a few things for William's sister, Patience. We also included a little craft project for them to do together. I just hope he actually enjoys some of the things we send!!Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to help William! Thank you, too, to EVERYONE who is praying on behalf of this little boy.
(Taiger picking out crayons for William and Patience)

(Having fun picking out gifts for William and Patience)

It is easy to get caught up in the bandages, the toys, the medicine...but the fact remains that with God NOTHING is impossible! He could heal William NOW without all of those things, if it were in His plan to do so. God is bigger and stronger than this situation and than any of us. Praying for His healing mercy is a wonderful gift for William. Praying that a family is found for William and his sister is also a much needed plea at this time. Thank you ALL!!!!!!
(Everyone in the check-out line with gifts for William and Patience)

Letters for William and Patience

We sent our package out today for William and Patience!!!!! It will arrive to Becky in the next two days...then ON TO WILLIAM AND PATIENCE!!! The kids were all SOOO EXCITED to send it!
The kids all drew pictures and wrote cards to send in the package. They were so cute drawing the pictures, thinking of what William and Patience might want on a card. Jonny made a folded boat and drew a calendar on his card for William. Mitchell drew two robots, one for William and one for Patience. Taiger drew a picture of monsters. Bryttan and I were the only ones old enough to write, so we wrote them each a little card.

This was a good little "Service Project" for the kids to do. I was really proud of all of the kids for caring about William and Patience. They really did well yesterday thinking of things to buy William and Patience, and today drawing special pictures to send. It was really a good experience for them...and me, too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

On Love and William

I am excited to blog about our trip to Idaho and Taiger's Easter with his cousins...BUT I WON'T! I will refrain, because I said I am only going to post about helping William until we have all the funds and items raised/gathered for him that he needs. OOOO! We are SOOO CLOSE to having all Becky will need for this trip!

So many, many people have stepped forward to help this little boy and his sister! What a fabulous and remarkable thing to see. Complete strangers reaching out to these two. People who don't know a whit about Luckyhill, or even about Ghana for that matter!, are coming forward with ANYTHING they have to send with Becky, from money, to boxes of band aids!

Becky's purpose for this trip to "save William" was to begin the process of healing William's burns. However, her OTHER purpose, and one just as, if not more, important, was to begin to heal his spirit, hopefully before it is too broken. She wants to tell him that, even though he has suffered great loss in his short life, God has NEVER forgotten him! That even though he is an orphan, HE IS NOT ALONE! That hundreds of people here on earth love him and care about him and pray for him every day. She wants to tell him about all of the people who really do love him. Becky knows that this moment could be a turning point in William's life. He could feel so destitute and alone that he turns away from the "world" and closes in on himself and no longer reaches out, or up. He could begin to believe he really is alone here on earth. He could begin to feel in his heart that he really is an orphan, with no one. OR...he could learn that when we reach to God, He reaches back, and sometimes through the arms of other people. That his parents may have gone to Heaven, but they still love him. That although he has no mother and father for a season, great love is being poured out to him every day. That he will never, ever be alone in this world. That his heart can feel full of God's love, and the love of other people on earth.

Thank you all for being the drop in this HUGE, overflowing bucket of LOVE! Without you, William may not have been able to believe that people out there care about him. Now, he will know he is loved. That God has sent help for him. That he need never fear, for God is in control of ALL things, and forgets NO ONE! Not the lonely, not the orphaned. NO ONE.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


SO MANY people have donated to help William, and I am SO THANKFUL to them! We are still in need of some money to purchase med. supplies for him. We only have about two days until Becky needs to place her final order for bandages...so I am really strongly encouraging you all to donate ONE DOLLAR and let's get this little boy what he needs to heal!

Please send money to:
3220 East Horse Thief Dr.
Heber City, UT 84032.
If you would prefer to order the bandages, please post a comment and I will send you Becky's address to have them shipped right to her.
And PLEASE....KEEP PRAYING! It will take a miracle for there to be no infection by the time Becky gets there. If they are infected, he may have to have his feet amputated. Please pray for William and Patience, and for them to get adopted soon.
Thank you all so much!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on William

Poor little William. The doctor has stopped bandaging his feet. No one knows for sure why, but it must be all the doctor knows to do, or maybe he doesn't have any more supplies...either way, I am very anxious for Becky to get there and start taking care of him.

Taiger and I went to Target yesterday and bought socks to send William. Sweet Taiger wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the toy section for "the boy with the burns". It was really touching to see him thinking of someone else, ESPECIALLY when it comes to TOYS!

I am also worried because William is really discouraged. Kingsly, (the "owner" of the orphange) said William spends most of his time crying now. We don't know at this point why that is either, but I can guess: He must be in TONS of pain (they ran out of pain meds for him about 2 weeks ago). He may be afriad, no knowing what will happen with his feet, worried he will never again walk, discouraged and hopeless because the doctors have no more medicine or money for bandages for him. I don't know about you, but hearing about a little boy afraid and in pain AND CRYING breaks my heart!!!!!!! I would be there in A SECOND if I could be imminized!!!!!!!

William NEEDS a family to adopt him!!!!! He has a beautiful, amazing sister, Patience, who is 11, who has been caring for him with his burns, who MUST be adopted with him!!!!!! If you know of ANYONE who is considering adopting, please tell them about William and Patience! We have pictures available of them, and people who can tell you ALL about them. From what I have heard, they are nothing but SWEET, HELPFUL, WONDERFUL children. More than that, they are children of Heavely Father, and they DESERVE a family for now and FOREVER!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



The nurse/soon-to-be adoptive Mom from Luckyhill who is going to care for William's burns is concerned about having enough burn treatment supplies, especially bandages! If you don't feel comfortable donating money, you can donate bandages. They cost as little as $1.00! You can order them at Alegro.com. (Please keep in mind, THE WIDER THE BETTER! Also, they CANNOT be the stretchy kind, they MUST BE NON-stretch...NO ACE BANDAGES, PLEASE!)

If you want to order some bandages for William, leave me a comment and I will send you the woman's home address so they can be delivered directly to her.

PLEASE help little William...PLEASE!!

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


If you open this last picture, you can really see the extent of the damage. He must be in SO much pain.

Okay, everyone. And I do mean EVERYONE! (That means YOU). As many (most...ALL) of you know, i am a HUGE advocate for adoption and for the orphans of the world. For a long time now, I have been in touch with an amazing orphan home/school in Ghana, Africa. I would love to sit and tell you about how cool this orphan home is, how sweet the owners are (it's just a husband and wife who are Ghanaian who decided to start taking in orphaned children), how GREAT all the volunteers are...But there is no time...This post carries much urgency!

A little boy at the orphanage was burned on his feet. In America, this is a horrible experience for any child, and it is dangerous! BUT...in an orphanage in Ghana, the danger is multiplied ten fold. With no funding and no medical supplies, the child is in much pain and in danger of suffering long-term effects from his burns.

Many soon-to-be adoptive Moms, along with people like me who are just trying to stay involved with this orphanage, are taking ACTION and posting about the needs of this sweet little guy. One Mom is a nurse and is actually going to GO TO GHANA to help this little boy! She knows how to care for wounds, and she is hoping to help him heal.

This is where YOU come in!!!!! Yes, YOU! She needs medical supplies to take with her. This is a DESPERATE plea for everyone who reads this blog to help this little guy. He needs YOU! His life depends on YOU. We are in a tough way right now. Our economy is bad, so we are all keeping to ourselves, saving what we have, hoarding the little money we may have in savings...But if we can't reach out to someone else, what good are we in this world? We can have all the money in the world, but it doesn't follow us to Heaven!! I would like to say more on this topic...my heart longs to, but I just want to get this post out there so people can start taking action to help this little boy.

What I am going to do is copy and paste the blog entries from the other Moms who have posted about this little boy and his situation. PLEASE read, or at least scan, through them, so you know what is going on and WHAT IS NEEDED FOR WILLIAM! The BEST thing you can do is donate MONEY because we don't all know what med. supplies this Mom who is going over will need. If you don't want to send money, please read through the post to know what items she could use, MOSTLY BANDAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, take a look at the pictures i am posting of sweet William. Please remember these are pictures of a real, sweet little boy and DON'T use them for purposes other than advocating for his help. THANKS!

One last thing...if you really don't feel like you can send money or bandages...there is ONE thing we can all send....PRAYERS for this sweet little boy. Our God is a God of mercy. He is a God of healing. Let us raise our voices as one, all together, in supplication for this precious Child of God.
Thank you ALL!

Breclyn and Taiger

To learn more about the orphanage, visit luckyhillorphanage.org
You can also link to their facebook through my facebook! Add me as a friend and I can send you an invitation if you want to "join this cause"!
Still have questions? Feel free to send me a message on here! I will email you, call you..whatever I need to to answer your questions!!!!!

This is a post from another blog about William. This Mom recently adopted a child, Adjoa, from Luckyhill.

I don't have much to say. I'm speechless, actually. I just received the following email from Kingsley - he runs the orphanage Adjoa came from:

Hello,This is the photos of William, He was burnt some few weeks ago, and his condition is very critical, he can not walk or place feets on the ground. I have sent him to the hospital but still there's no improvement.


His name is William. He has a younger sister, Pacience, who lives at Luckyhill. He was running and playing, and ran into a field where grass had been burning. Obviously, the fire was still smouldering.They ran out of pain medication, and can only afford to change the bandages every 3 days. He's about 9 years old.

This is another post by the same Mother. It includes information about where to send money or supplies, and what supplies are needed urgently.

One of our wonderful adoptive mothers is a nurse. She is taking time off and leaving her family for 10 days to go and care for William. She will teach those at Luckyhill how to properly care for his feet.She sent the following email regarding the supplies she will need to gather to take with her. She is leaving in two weeks, so if you can, please find time to help this week. If you would like to contribute money to help buy supplies, please send a check made out to Luckyhill to :
LUCKYHILLC/O LOIS MARTINO3220 East Horse Thief Dr.Heber City, UT84032. If you would rather send supplies, please read the information Becky provided and leave me a comment with your email address ad what you are going to send. I'll send you her address so you can ship supplies directly to her.Thank you all so much! With all our efforts, we can save this poor boy, and hopefully he will not lose the ability to walk!Here's the email from our Nurse-Mom:I think everyone should just send money to Lucky Hill. Then, I'll have Lois or Jessica purchase the supplies with my address as the 'ship to' address. We'll purchase them in about a week to be ready to go.I just feel like if people think they're donating to an individual, rather than a foundation, they'll be a little wary. And, if extra donations come in, beyond the $$$ we actually need now, Lois can save it for when I go back again to buy round two of supplies.I did send the links for the two kinds of bandages we need to Lois. I
'll post them here too. They're very common. You could even find them at your local pharmacy, so if people wanted to donate actual bandages, please ship them to me.This would be the bandage that I would wrap his feet in. He'll probably use almost a roll for each foot...daily. So, I'll need almost a case of them to get them through the next six weeks. Then, I'll take another case with me when I go back, if he needs them. I'm hoping that after 6 weeks, he'll be to the point that we can use less and just wrap them a little more loosely so he can go and play. I'm not picky about the size, I just picked a larger size so that it would mean less wrapping. Wider is better. It HAS to be non-stretch though. It can't use an ace bandage, the pressure will affect the fragile healing skin. I also need to be able to just throw it away. I'll just go with whatever I've got.This is what I'll be actually putting on the burns after I put on the antibiotic ointment, before I wrap them. I know eventually we'll need a full case of them, but we should just see how many individual boxes we can get donated right now. At $11.95/box, that would be any easy thing to donate. I have three tubes of antibiotic ointment donated right now (with the promise of three more). I also had someone donate 6 boxes of gloves already last night, so I think we're set. I'm just going to use gentle dial soap to clean the burns. There is Silver Sulfadine cream that someone mentioned, but I'm going to stick to over the counter supplies right now. If he has an allergy, I just don't want anything to happen. I would feel terrible, if I actually made things worse.I'm going to REALLY try to get him a Tetanus shot, or to find out if he has had one. I hope so. I'll ask about antibiotics too when we get to the clinic, and pain medication, because I absolutely can't take those with me. I have some open toed plastic slippers with rubber soles for William to wear. I have NO idea how weak he is (he looks very weak), but I would love to see him able to at least stand on his feet by the time I leave. If he has slippers, we'll be able to gently slide them onto his feet over the large bandages to get him up in a standing position.I would like to cover the bandages with some large tube socks before we do that. And, after he heals his skin will be SO sensitive to the sun (if it gets to much sun exposure, it will be very damaged). He needs socks. I'm sure this will be weird for him, but for a while, we'll need to adapt. So, we need large tube socks. They'll keep the dust off the bandages too.I know everyone is doing a really great job at Lucky Hill, but we need the bandages to look a lot cleaner than they do in the pics. Hopefully, just changing them everyday will fix that.We'll also need nutrition donated. I'm looking for some sort of powder that is tasty that will add a TON of calories to the water he needs to drink. He needs complex carbs AND more fluids. I'm sure they're doing the best they can, but if he had someone sitting with him all day to remind him to drink, he would hopefully look a little more perky. And, that will really help the healing process. His body is using all the calories its taking in right now to try to heal the wounds, that's why he looks so thin. He's being fed, it's just not enough. He probably doesn't "feel" like eating either. Even burn patients in the U.S. have to double their calorie intake to promote healing.There are a couple of praise God's here:1. I'm so glad these burns aren't on the bottom of his feet. We actually have a possibility of getting him up to shuffle a little so that his body remembers how to walk.2. The burns don't look infected to me yet. It's hard to tell because of the purple, but they actually look ok for now.3. They're not over a major joint, like a knee, where we would have to worry about the skin scarring down. There is a little spot on his ankles, but they're more to the side. It really is a better situation than I imagined!Please continue to pray, pray, pray that we can hold off infection. That is what I'm most concerned about. Also, and this is MUCH less of a priority than bandages (so maybe us Lucky Hill folks can work on it), I would like to bring him something to do while he lays in bed. Coloring books, crayons, books that I can read to him, workbooks with puzzles that we can do. He's just lying there, that would never happen here.As a RN on a peds floor, I used to spend ALL my spare time playing with the kids. Here, he would have a boatload of toys, movies, food, books, all for him to have any time he asked. I'm worried about his little spirit too. He's probably SO depressed. If I can give him a few little things to make him feel special, and put the spark back in his eyes, that will help him heal too.He deserves some treats (not food), but some things to really cheer him up when he starts to feel "down", which is common for kids. They feel sad one minute, they cry, and then if you redirect them they feel alright again. I just want to have things to make him feel better. If he feels like he has a few bright spots (like new toys) with this whole ordeal, he might feel a little less blue overall. I don't have a 9-year-old, so anything anyone isn't using would be great!Again, I obviously, need the bandages MUCH more, but if you have things that you're kids aren't using, I'll take those too. No stuffed animals please. Thanks so much! I'm awed and humbled by the mountains God is moving to help heal this little guy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Revisited

These are pictures from our WONDERFUL Primary Easter Egg Hunt that took place yesterday afternoon. It was SO calm and nice! The kids were separated into groups, and there weren't TOO many kids Taiger's age, so everyone found plenty of eggs. (We opted to skip out on the city egg hunts. I HATE those! So many kids, and all the parents are screaming at their kids, "Amy! Amy! Get over here! You missed that egg! Jason! You walked right past it! Get over here before someone else gets it! Hurry up! GOSH!" Come on...you all know THAT mom!) Last year we went to a city egg hunt, stood in the FREEZING cold at 8:00am, waited for, like, 45 mins while they "organized" the kids, groups, leaders, etc....and Taiger got ONE egg. Yes. One. (Because I am NOT THAT mom!) Anyway, this hunt was really fun and mellow!

So, inside they had a giant, inflated Easter Bunny. I thought it was way cute and got all excited over it! ("Taiger! Look at this cute Easter Bunny! Wow! Look how big it is!" All of this being said in a very high, squeely, annoying voice...because I am 'THAT OTHER' mom...the really excited one!) Taiger was totally unimpressed and didn't want to have his picture taken with it (could this possibly be MY son?!). I asked him why? I said, "Are you scared of it?" He said no. I said, hesitantly, "Do you think it is dumb?" He laughed as he said, "YEAH!" He totally sounded like a 15 year old whose Mom dragged him off to this stupid kiddy thing. =SIGH= To humor me, he let me take his picture with the giant bunny. Boy, was I ever excited! Too bad you can't see the outpouring of excitement in Taig's face.

As we went to leave the egg hunt, it had just begun to rain, and Taig said, "It smells so good when it starts to rain." (Okay, DEFINITELY my son!) When we got home from the hunt, it was raining more, so we ran around outside and played in the rain. TOO fun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Taiger and his umbrella

Taiger was so thrilled that it was raining so he could use his umbrella...to walk from the house to the car. What a cutie!

Taiger didn't know I was taking this picture. I LOVE the "secret" smile on his face. He looks so joyful!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Africa and a TINY violin

This morning, Taiger told me, "Mommy! I had a dream about Africa! We went to Africa...and I didn't have to have my shots!"

Poor little guy wants to go to Africa SO BADLY!...takes after his Mommy in that area for sure!

The other day, an ad came on for a show on TV about Africa and Taiger asked (with resentment, I might add), "Did THEY have to have THEIR shots?" Breaks my heart...I know how he feels...because it is how I feel, too.

We went and picked up Taiger's violin today! His first violin...how exciting! It is so little and cute!!!!! :D (Don't worry...I took some pictures that I will post later...when it is not 3:30 in the morning and I am not totally tired!) I really, REALLY hope he likes violin lessons! I don't want to have a battle, but I think it is important for him to at least TRY it...if anyone has suggestions in this area, I would love to hear them! :D I know "kids and lessons" can be such a touchy topic! However, I really would like to hear anyone's input! (And for all you "jock" types, I am sure he will take karate, or Kung Fu, or football at some point, too!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter...last Sunday!!

Okay, so I really REALLY didn't want to have to try and "do Easter" BEFORE church at 9:00am, but I COULD NOT justify skipping church on Easter just so we could "play Easter". That seemed so totally wrong and....UGH...Anyway, you know what I mean. SO...A SOLUTION! Last Sunday was the LDS Church's General Conference. (That is when we stay at home and watch via TV the leaders of our church speak to all the members of the church! It really is an amazing meeting, and it is so cool to know that because of internet, satelite, etc. members ALL OVER THE WORLD can watch these Conferences!) SO....we had Easter last Sunday. It was so nice! Taiger took his time looking at the things in his basket and finding eggs. He was done about the time Conference started, so we didn't have to compromise religion for celebration! (We just didn't have to "get ready" for Church, which is the biggest reason it is like a mad house trying to have Easter before Church...because it is like a mad dash trying to find eggs and get kids in Church clothes...and get Mommy's hair done, clothes on, make-up...you all know what I mean!!).
So, here are some pictures of Easter...LAST Sunday!

This is Taiger's Easter basket. He got THREE toy guns (so we could all play) and some new Church clothes and a few other little things I had on hand...really! Notice the birthday party favor horn. I really do keep things I find on sale or whatever, hide them, and use them for his gifts! He LOVED it!!!!!

Taiger has been asking for "Birthday Cake" for AGES. When it was nearing Easter, I told Taiger the Easter Bunny brings new clothes to children, but maybe he could bring ONE little surprise for Taiger. I asked him what he would want and Taiger said emphatically,

"A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!" So, Easter morning, my Mom baked a cake with Taiger.

Then, Taiger and Nai Nai decorated it...mostely Taiger. :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taiger's amazing vocabulary words for today

The mail man just came and Taiger shuffled through the envelopes while I went in my room to get something for work. After a moment he came in with an envelope. "Mom!" he said very seriously, "We need to..." and here he pointed at the words on the envelope as if he were reading and said deliberately, "Get. In. The. Loop.!" I was laughing so he held up the envelope and pointing to the "loop" said, "See?" just to make sure I understood how serious he was.

Earlier he had found a kaleidoscope I had bought but was not giving him yet (I stock up on things when I find a good sale and hang on to them until birthday, Christmas, etc. He got a gun for Easter I had had on hand for about two years!). Anyway, as he held it up to his eye, I said, "Wow! You look like a PIRATE!" I was going to, later, explain to him about how it is not the SAME kind pirates use, but he can PRETEND that it is. Well, Taiger looked at me like I was a little child and he needed to teach me something new and said, "Mom, pirates use long TELESCOPES." My mouth dropped and I was laughing so hard!!

While he was trying to use the kaleidoscope, he could not wink to look through with just one eye. I held my hand over the other eye so he could at least have the right effect. Well, after looking through it for a few minuets, he said matter-of-factly, "I need two of these." I asked, "Why?" He replied, "So I can have one on each eye." I was glad to hear he is still a little kid, despite his amazing vocabulary.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It Winter Or Spring?!

I ask Taiger all time time, "Where is spring?!"
Is it Winter or Spring? The weather can't decide what it is doing. This is a picture of Taiger playing outside on Saturday....
Sunny, nice...Long sleeve shirt but no coat! WOO HOO! Green grass, blue skies...SPRING, right?!...

This is a picture of Taiger playing outside on Sunday.

WRONG! Snow, wet, cold, wind...Coat AND gloves AND snow pants!!!! Winter, right? I guess at least for another day.


Here are some more pictures of him playing on Saturday. The neighbors invited Taiger and I to go to the park with them to fly kites! It was SOOOO nice of them! We had so much fun! As you can tell from the pictures, Taiger LOVES their kids, and he and Jacob are the best little friends!!

Another picture of Taiger outside on Sunday. Look at the snow. So sad. :(


This is a post of pictures...and maybe video, if I am patient enough to load one ;). My brother, who is at art school far away, asked for more pictures of Taiger (he and Taiger are BEST buds!). Although my brother is not a huge fan of trendy things like blogs, he has agreed to view pics of Taiger here rather than me sending them one at a time to his phone (what a pain! LOL!). So, anyone not interested in seeing mad amounts of Taiger, DON'T READ THIS POST! :D To my brother: I LOVE YOU! Taiger is missing you like mad! Can't wait to see you!

So I started a "reward" system with Taiger. When he is good, minds, helps around the house, etc. he gets a bean. When he tantraums or is naughty, he pays me a bean. When he has enough beans, he gets a prize. This was the first thing he wanted. He has been wanting a Lightening McQueen umbrella for ages. He saw this one in the store a few weeks ago and never forgot it. When we started doing the beans I told him he could use his beans to buy prizes and the first thing he asked for was this umbrella. It took him a few days to earn enough beans, but finally he earned it! I was so proud of him! He was SO happy to have his umbrella! He even slept with it tucked in his arms the first night!! So, this is a picture of Taiger with his umbrella. You have to look closely to see the little boy under there.

Ryan made cookies with Taiger. Ryan gave Taiger a spoon to eat the dough while the oven heated! Taiger was in HEAVEN...no one else dared eat them...Taiger was "double dipping"! ;) I LOVE this picture SO MUCH! You can see how happy he is with an ENTIRE BOWL of cookie dough all to himself!

In case you can't figure this one out, it is Taiger in the bath. Aren't you glad I told you??

This is Taiger on his way to the mall. I carry the i-pod with us EVERYWHERE. Taiger HATES loud noises or sudden noises, and there is just no knowing for sure if someone will talk loudly or shout, so having headphones and music for him keeps him calm and ensure there are no tantrums...but more importantly, ensures Taiger isn't upset. Along with all that, I think he is SOOOOO cute in his "Skull Candy"'s!!!!!

Okay, so Taiger NEEDS you to come home from school! He needs some "guy" time! He has watched Twilight so many times he knows the lines! In his mind, it is just a cool movie about Vampires (which Taiger already LOVED long before Twilight) (And don't worry...we skip past the kissing scene and the fighting scene...a dissapointment for us...those are the only reasons we watch it! LOL! Just kidding.) Anyway, when his fighting games are not about pirates, they are now about VAMPIRES. One of us is a good vampire (one of the Cullens) and the other is a bad vampire (Laraunt, James or Victoria). This is Taiger tonight being James. That is the face of evil!

This one is even better! He thought he looked so mean in this picture! The right arm is showing off his muscle, which I think he thinks is his elbow. :D LOL!