Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter...last Sunday!!

Okay, so I really REALLY didn't want to have to try and "do Easter" BEFORE church at 9:00am, but I COULD NOT justify skipping church on Easter just so we could "play Easter". That seemed so totally wrong and....UGH...Anyway, you know what I mean. SO...A SOLUTION! Last Sunday was the LDS Church's General Conference. (That is when we stay at home and watch via TV the leaders of our church speak to all the members of the church! It really is an amazing meeting, and it is so cool to know that because of internet, satelite, etc. members ALL OVER THE WORLD can watch these Conferences!) SO....we had Easter last Sunday. It was so nice! Taiger took his time looking at the things in his basket and finding eggs. He was done about the time Conference started, so we didn't have to compromise religion for celebration! (We just didn't have to "get ready" for Church, which is the biggest reason it is like a mad house trying to have Easter before Church...because it is like a mad dash trying to find eggs and get kids in Church clothes...and get Mommy's hair done, clothes on, make-up...you all know what I mean!!).
So, here are some pictures of Easter...LAST Sunday!

This is Taiger's Easter basket. He got THREE toy guns (so we could all play) and some new Church clothes and a few other little things I had on hand...really! Notice the birthday party favor horn. I really do keep things I find on sale or whatever, hide them, and use them for his gifts! He LOVED it!!!!!

Taiger has been asking for "Birthday Cake" for AGES. When it was nearing Easter, I told Taiger the Easter Bunny brings new clothes to children, but maybe he could bring ONE little surprise for Taiger. I asked him what he would want and Taiger said emphatically,

"A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!" So, Easter morning, my Mom baked a cake with Taiger.

Then, Taiger and Nai Nai decorated it...mostely Taiger. :D

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Unknown said...

This post cracks me up because we celebrated easter last sunday too! The only difference is Saturday Zach and I totally thought easter WAS sunday and ran to the store to buy jonah's easter basket. It wasn't till that night we found out easter was really this next sunday! I know, we're THAT lame. But, we celebrated it anyways because Zach has to work easter. Taiger's (did I spell that right?) basket was much better than Jonah's! he's so funny!