Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures and some exciting things!!

So, I have this bad habit of unintentionally dressing Taiger and I in matching clothes. I guess that happens because I dress in what I am in the mood to wear, and I dress Taiger in what I am in the mood for him to wear, and it is the same mood! HA! Anyway, I had my sister take pictures of Taiger and I in our matching clothes. I think they are cute, so I am posting them here for EVERYONE to see! :D (Even if they don't want to! HA!)

Okay, so before I post my pictures and end this, I HAVE to mention some exciting things! So, there are some sweet little families adopting from Luckyhill whose blogs I follow avidly! All of these adopting families belong to a certain group on yahoo! and post on there, too, as they prepare for their children. I feel like I am reading a great book as I read about these people and their adventures as they go through this wonderful adoption journey. Anyway, there is one woman who is just so sweet and so cute! She and her husband have SO MUCH LOVE in their home. They are positive and down to earth and so kind to everyone. They have been waiting to adopt this adorable little munchkin from Luckyhill named Adjoa. Well, FINALLY, little Adjoa is home! I am so happy and excited for she and her husband and Adjoa!

Exciting thing number 2: Stephanie is this wonderful soon-to-be-Mom, also part of the yahoo! group. She and her husband are adopting two little boys from Luckyhill. They are such an amazing family and so spiritual! I have been amazed as I have read their blog, watching as they have put ALL of their faith in God that they will be able to soon bring home their little boys. They are always so happy and they are going to be such wonderful, loving parents!!!!! Well, Stephanie and her husband decided that she needed to just go to Ghana and be with their boys! They don't know how soon they will be able to bring their little guys home, so she could be there for a while. She just knows she needs to be with her sons. (I understand that feeling!!!!!!! Sometimes, I just want to be with Taiger so badly!) Anyway, so she is leaving in the next few days to stay in Ghana until time to bring home her children! I am so excited for her to get to just be with her babies!

Exciting thing number 3: Some time back, I met a wonderful young man named Brad. He came into my work, and after a while I started talking to him about my orphanage I am going to open in China. Come to find out, Brad works with people helping them start NGO's, etc. This week, he called me and said he thinks we need to start NOW on getting my paperwork done and everything for Sixteen Small Stones. I am SOOOO EXCITED! Brad is in the middle of planning his wedding, changing jobs, doing a MILLION things, and yet he wants to take time to help ME open my orphanage. He is amazing, and I am so thankful to him! Anyway, so he said we need to write grant proposals for all these people at the Federal and State level, write some 15 page "thing" (I don't know what everything is!) and do a lot of other things! Something he said I MAY need (GET) to do is open an orphanage HERE first, become established, THEN try moving in to China. I don't know for sure if that is necessary, but I would LOVE to open an orphanage here! WOW! Anyway, only time will tell for sure what I will need to do. The point is, I am one step closer to opening my orphanage! VERY EXCITING!

Thank you for reading my blog, by the way!

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FriðrikssonS (and Parents) said...

Way to Go with your dream!!! That is real exciting news!!! It will be fun to watch you do this and put it all together!!!
Thanks for the sweet things you said!!!
I can't wait to be with my boys!