Saturday, January 31, 2009


Stephanie sent news from Ghana! Oh, HAPPY DAY! And I am not even waiting to go get my little one! I can't imagine how the adopting parents felt. It was so fun to read about the children...it gave me insight about the lives of the rest of the children at Luckyhill, about their day, their thoughts and interests. It was so kind of Stephanie to take the time to update everyone! I can't imagine, with all she has to do...keeping up with her own two little boys and getting to know them and spending time with them! She has taken the time to speak to everyone's kids who are still at Luckyhill and get to know their personalities a little so she can write back and tell everyone about their children!!!!! Isn't that so, so sweet?!?!

I didn't work on Thursday! (Although I love my days to be with Taiger, I am worried that I don't have to go to work...this economy is killing us!!) Taiger and I had another FUN day! It was so sunny outside, and not too cold, so we spent some time outside! I took him out on his little four-wheeler. He had a blast driving it around our neighborhood.

Little Brother left for art school in California. He was driving, with Dad following to make sure he made it in his new (old:)) car. They came as far as Utah and stayed the night so we could say goodbye and to get Mom and Bryttan to ride with them. Taiger was sad to see Little Brother leaving. He and Taiger have a very special relationship and are VERY close. LB is Taiger's only uncle, and Taiger looks up to him SO MUCH! LB rebuilt an old hot-rod, which he drove to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week. LB talked about Speed Week and preparing for it. He worked so hard on his hot rod, getting it ready. Taiger got ALL into hot-rods and fixing cars because that is what LB was in to. Recently, I bought Taiger a little matchbox, hot wheels car. It is a hot-rod that looks like LB's. Taiger calls it his Bonneville car and it is BY FAR his FAVORITE car he owns (and he has a few!). He carries it around with him and just LOVES that car. He knows Bryndon LOVES Bonneville and hot-rods. The morning LB was leaving for school, Taiger ran out and asked him to come back in the house. When LB came back, Taiger said, "I want to give you a present. I want to give you my Bonneville car." Of course, LB would not accept the gift and asked Taiger to hang on to it for him. It was so touching, though, and LB and Taiger had more hugs and kisses over that.

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