Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lunch, Mathilda and more about Ghana!!

Yesterday, Taiger and I drove to Orem to have a lunch with some families off the yahoo! group. It was SO FUN! As per typical of Taiger, he didn't get up and play with the other children, but I was proud of how well he did! Anyone who knows him knows he doesn't do well with loud noises or large groups until he has gotten used to the idea. I expected a "Taiger Meltdown" to take place for the first few minuets before he warmed up to everyone. Instead, he sat quietly and when one of the Dads talked to him he was a little shy but he still talked and didn't cry! I was so proud of how well he did!!!!

Before we arrived at the lunch, Taiger was SO EXCITED to meet Adjoa (I didn't know others would be bringing their children or I am sure he would have been excited about meeting them, as well). It took us longer than we thought it would to get to Orem, and when we pulled up to the restaurant, Adjoa and her parents were outside getting in their car. I thought they were leaving and so did Taiger! He rolled down his window and shouted through the parking lot, "Wait, Adjoa! Don't leave yet! Wait for me, Adjoa!!!!!!" It was so cute! In the end, they were just going to a different restaurant and we met up with everyone there.

Taiger never did play with Adjoa or the other girls. About the time everyone was leaving, Taiger warmed up to the idea of all the other people being around. By the time we were on the way home, Taiger was ready to play. Once on the freeway, Taiger started crying he wanted to, "go back to the restaurant and play with Adjoa!" Poor little guy!! He begged me to turn around, but even if I had, Adjoa was gone by then. I hope next time we all meet up we can maybe meet at a park, or even a fast-food place with a play land, or something, so the kids can really run around and play! That would be fun!

So, Stephanie left for Ghana at midnight last night! I am SO EXCITED for her!

I listened a lot yesterday at the lunch. I wanted to hear what everyone had to say, more than I wanted to talk. As the conversation wound and turned, people would bring up a child they have in mind to adopt, dropping names of children in whom they were interested. Each time someone mentioned being interested in a child, my heart would start to pound and I would silently beg, "Please don't say Mathilda! Please don't say Mathilda!" Relief would wash over me when they would say another child's name. I found myself longing to ask about her. To find out if she was "called for" by another family. I wanted to hear if someone had met her, had played with her, knew her personality. But I didn't say anything. I don't have a home study done. I am not rich. I didn't feel it was my place to wish for a child. However, I think of this girl every day. All I can do is hope and pray I get to be with this little girl while we are in Ghana, that I will be able to hold her and play with her and kiss her round cheeks, to see Taiger playing with her. I will post a picture of her here. It is the only picture of her I have ever seen. I have never heard her voice, or touched her, and yet, I love her. Then again, this happens with me sometimes. One child in a million will stand out to me, and I know that child should be mine. There have been three girls (including Mathilda) and three boys (all three brothers) in my life I have found and KNOWN they could be my kids. I think of these children often, I even pray for them sometimes. I wonder if they have been adopted, if they are happy and well...Mathilda I know is a child I will always think of and love.

I just can't wait to go to Ghana! I am so excited! I was able to glean a little information at the lunch yesterday. I got a better feel of what it will be like for Taiger and me. Now, I can't wait to go! I learned we don't have to bring a bed, there will be one in the guest house. I also found out that there is a fan in the room, and running water at the guest house! At the orphanage, there is a toilet, although I am still not sure if there is one at the guest house. I wish I knew a little more about the guesthouse, but I suppose I have enough time to find more out. Maybe I can get Stephanie to go over and scout it out for me, or even take some pictures! I would love to show them to Taiger so I can prepare him for it a little, although I guess it isn't a big deal either way.

It sounds like finding food in Ghana will not be a big problem, as there are places nearby to eat. I am still not SURE on clean water, but it sounded like it is easy to find. Still not sure on other things, but, like I said, there is time for that later. This process is teaching me to be PATIENT! LOL! I can't wait to learn more...I will post information as it becomes available to me! Maybe once Stephanie is in Ghana she will post pictures and things and I will know more.

Mom is leaving for her conference early in the morning, so I need to go help her get ready! She is letting us pick out her clothes! FUN!

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Steve and Narda said...

It was a fun time and it was so good to see little Adjoa. I can relate to Metilda catching your eye. The first picture I ever saw of her showed such joy in her smile. She shows such emotion in the pictures I've seen of her. There was one Jessica took on her first trip to Ghana where she was crying because they didn't let her chew on her flip flop. Very funny. Glad to have met you and Tiager and look forward to further contact during the adoption process.
It's looking like I'll probably be traveling very soon myself (maybe the first week of Feb) there is so much to learn and I'm hoping for some updates from Stephanie soon to help me be prepared.