Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Autism and Immunizations

There HAS to be a way for Taiger and I to get to Ghana. There MUST be a way. Someone on the yahoo! group to which I posted was SO POSITIVE! She offered suggestions and told me that I would find a way...that where there is a will, there is a way. There have been a few people who may or may not agree with me not immunizing, but are at least gracious and understanding and willing to help me find a way to make it work.

I appreciate those people more than I can express!! I appreciate their advice and have learned a LOT from what they have said! I also really, REALLY appreciate their choice of words and the spirit of their posts, which were neither judgmental nor attacking in ANY way. I think it was very kind and compassionate of them to not want to make me feel bad, to not lecture me, and to not make me feel foolish in front of other group members. I wish I could THANK them for that...but I don't want to get onto this topic any more than we already have. I realize it is not a healthy topic for discussion on the group because it is something about which people feel quite strongly. Besides, I really didn't intend for the topic to be about immunizations, but rather about if anyone had suggestions for someone who does not immunize (whether they agree with it or not)...I didn't mean to start something. For that reason, I have not told Little Brother's story, nor anything else I have learned since Little Brother contracted Aspergers. It is not the right time or place to discuss whether immunizing is wise or not. I wish others would also see it is not a good place for that discussion.

It hurts me so much to have people say negative things about "people who don't' immunize". Someone even said she respects other's decisions, so long as their decisions are educated ones. I wanted to tell her how "educated" I am...how I have lived through the nightmare of my brother getting Autism from an immunization. I wanted to tell her of the horror Little Brother has lived through since that immunization. To tell her of the many reports and articles written about how immunization can cause Autism. I respect people who DO immunize...why can't people respect those who DON'T? I respect them by not posting my opinion on that group...I wish they could respect me and also drop the conversation unless it is in the spirit of simply informing and offering advice, as so many others on the groups have done.

I don't know who all reads this blog, and I don't know if those of you who may read it immunize your children or not. I certainly don't want to ever offend anyone over something like this, as I have been slightly hurt by this very personal topic. Anyway, I DO want to just end this post by asking you to PLEASE take a moment and read about immunizations and Autism. At least to understand why people like myself are concerned, and to understand how many people with Autism came to have it.

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