Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Off Work

Yesterday, I didn't have to go in to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO WONDERFUL! I loved being able to spend the entire day with Taiger! We had such a fun day!!!!! Here are some pictures of our various activities!!

First, Taiger got all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. Taiger LOVES to eat fresh snow and even brought a spoon outside so he could maximize his snow-eating potential! In this picture, he mouth is full of snow!!

Then, Taiger dressed up like a pirate and jumped on his bed, singing the song from Pirates of the Carribbean and sword fighting an imaginary apponent, who I am certain was also a pirate.

We then learned about Valentine's Day and made decorations for Valentine's Day. Taiger was so proud of his work he hung them on the fridge!! Of course, he was still a pirate, hence the hook.

Taiger then decided it would be fun to put the markers we had used for the crafts in his mouth and, using his breath, shoot them out...all over the kitchen. Taiger was a good boy and cleaned them all up after his little game.

Afrer THAT "fun", we went outside and Taiger went sledding in the neighbor's yard with the neighbor kids. FUN!

The last "activity" of the day was a warm bath! When Taiger got out of the bath, he wrapped up in his favorite towel...a snowman towel!! I had cooked dinner while he was in the bath. He ate and, needless to say, went RIGHT to sleep!

What a FUN day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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