Friday, June 1, 2012


Sooo, who DOESN'T like a rainbow?

I mean, as in like to EAT a rainbow.

And I am NOT talking about THESE guys:

I have started doing something new and FUN with Taiger!  We are trying to "Eat A Rainbow" every day!  It is WAAAAAY, way, WAY more fun than trying to "eat your fruits and vegetables"!  It is more like a game.   We will be getting ready to eat and Taiger will say something like, "Mom, can we have bananas with dinner?  I don't have a yellow for today!"  Or we will be eating and I will say, "Taiger!  Let's have beans, too, because we still need green today!"  It is really fun!  And at the end of the day, I find us talking about what colours we have eaten . Sometimes, he will have had a colour I didn't have and I will be like, "RED?!  When did you get red?!"  And he will feel all proud because he had an apple while I was gone so he got a colour I didn't. :)   So, then I will go eat an apple so I can have red, too.  The other night, he tried pickled beats.  He didn't love them, but then he tried crab salad because it had red in it and he LOVED it!

Anyway, I do NOT "count calories", so I don't have that to (ahem)  "help" me make sure I am eating right.  Counting calories is stupid.  So there.

I don't like telling Taiger he "has" to eat this, or he "has" to eat that.  I want him to listen to his body and eat what he feels he needs.

So, if we don't count calories and I don't force him to eat fruits and vegetables, how can I sort of keep a mental record of if he is eating what he needs to?

The rainbow idea is the PERFECT solution for our family!  I would never force him to "eat something orange dang it!", but if I get to lunch and realize he hasn't eaten ANYTHING from the rainbow (brown cereal, white rice, brown potato...you get the point) then I tell him we haven't had ANY rainbow colours yet, and he gets all excited to see how he can incorporate colours in to his meal.  It is GREAT! :)

Do YOU eat a rainbow every day?  What do you do about purple and blue?  I am thinking I will buy egg plant for purple, and pick plums this fall.  What about blue?  I can only think of blueberries, which are insanely expensive.  Any other ideas for blue?


Nicki said...

Not sure how healthy it is, but blue tortilla chips? It's a fun idea!

Bryttan said...

You're post reminded me of this site.