Saturday, June 2, 2012

Egg Plant

To follow up from yesterday's post about EATING A RAINBOW, I just HAD to share THIS link that my friend, "Polka Dot" (you can find her rad blog HERE) sent me on facebook!  Thanks, POLKA DOT!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made recommendations!  Walaby78 (who blogs over HERE) suggested blue corn chips!  LOVED that idea, too!

I will have you all know that I bought an egg plant today.  The cashier exclaimed, "I don't get many of THESE coming through here!"  I chuckled.  She questioned, "How do you even prepare it?!"  I had to admit I have no idea!  In China, I would eat it fried or barbecued.  But I don't think it is the same kind of egg plant we have here.  She said you can put it in spaghetti sauce, but that won't do me much good because Taiger won't eat spaghetti sauce!  (He eats his noodles boiled with NOTHING on them!  I am not even kidding.  Sometimes, I sneak and put a tiny bit of butter on them when he isn't looking because I just cannot stomach watching someone eating dry, sticky noodles!  It would be TORTURE!  I am serious!)

Anyone have a recipe for cooking egg plant?  How do YOU eat egg plant?  Cold?  Cooked?

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wallaby78 said...

Glad you enjoyed the corn chips suggestion - actually that was me, Nicki. Wallaby78erik is my gmail address, I'm not sure what went wrong...

Anyway, my blog is actually this one: