Friday, July 17, 2009

What's A Wedding Without Cake?!

Have I been a negligent blogger or what?! I don't have too much to say, but I wanted to post a picture of Taiger. This was taken at my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, the colors, the decor, it was so nice! Taiger was looking SO CUTE! Taiger did NOT want to go to the wedding, but I promised him cake if he came. By the time we got there, it was GONE! Taiger was so disappointed, but remained polite and didn't tantrum (fuss and whine about it, yes, but I almost did, too! LOL!). Anyway, he was NOT happy to be there, and was certainly NOT happy about the false promise of cake, so he sat in the chair, tired and hungry and oh so adorable. I will show the SOOC (straight out of camera) picture first, then the one after "post-processing". I WISH SO BADLY I had Photo Shop Lightroom!!!!!!! It is a program where you can tweak pictures to make them look better. This one I adjusted only with the "Windows Media" thingey where you can change light, contrast, etc. Nothing too grand, but you can see how a bit of tweaking can really enhance a photo. (Don't worry...I am not one of those people who take a horrible picutre and then make it look good in post processing and believe they took a good picture! Sometime, maybe I will share my views on "those people", BUT I will make it clear that I am not at all above ENHANCING a photo just for fun...But I never would be comfortable showing the enhanced one as THE photo...I have to make sure everyone knows it is adjusted!)

Post Processed

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Donna said...

Wow, seriously good post processing! You really made the colors POP! Too bad you couldn't fix the wedding cake problems so easily, huh!

Your little man is a cutie and I'm enjoying your blog. I can't remember how I got here but I'm bookmarking it.

I'm LDS too, by the way. Former single mom of one, now married mom of three (two from China).


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