Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fish Story!!

Taiger and his fish!

So, we lived through our big, FOUR DAY CAMPING TRIP...you read that right, folks...FOUR DAYS...CAMPING. But really...it was AWSOME! Unfortunately, it was rainy and WAY cold, but it didn't dampen our fun!

I will write more about the trip later as I have little time now. However, wanted to tell the most exciting event that took place while we were camping! TAIGER CAUGHT HIS FIRST FISH! It was SO EXCITING for him! At a good 12", his was the biggest fish anyone in our camping group caught!! GO TAIGER!

Because it was rainy, we had set up our pole and then ducked into the truck to stay out of the rain and watch our poles from the front window. Amazingly, the lake was the only place from where I got reception so I called home to wish my Dad Happy Father's Day. While on the line, Jeremy ran back to the truck saying we had a bite! I hung up on my family (sorry guys!) and flipped on the video camera on my cel phone. Jeremy grabbed Taiger and ran him to the water's edge to reel in the fish. Taiger had taken off his shoes in the car as they were caked with mud. I ran through the mud in my muddy shoes, slipping and sliding all the way to where he was about to grab the pole and begin reeling. I got there and with one hand began taking video so I could capture the moment, and with the other, snapped wildly with my 35mm camera.

It certainly was an exciting moment. I was so proud of Taiger and he was so proud of himself. He usually doesn't like to have his picture taken, but for these pictures he was all smiles! Once the fish was in, he held it up with pride for every picture and was excited to have his picture taken!!

Below are some pictures and a video of him reeling it in. It is pretty cute if you want to watch it, but if you DON'T watch it, you have to at least hear what he said...

As he was reeling it in, we were all shouting and excited and he was beaming and reeling with all his might! As the fish splashed exuberantly out of the water, pulled by its hooked mouth, Taiger shouted in a sentimental voice, "Oh! Does he love me?!"

I really think he thought he was catching it to take home as a pet. Oops.

(You will notice in the pictures the fish is all white...it is an albino trout...really! Red eyes and everything. So cool!)
Taiger after he caught his fish.

The fish after Taiger caught him

Jeremy puting the fish in the water

Taiger and Mommy hiding from the rain and cold! Taiger is a "happy camper"!
Video of Taiger reeling in his fish!
(I only WISH I could say that annoying and LOUD voice is not mine...but, alas...it is mine. I guess I should be proud that I love my child enough to be excited for him. At least I will never be accused of being a Mom who doesn't care! LOL!)
(OH! And BE SURE to mute the music before turning on the video! You can mute it by scrolling waaaay down to my playlist on the left of the post and clicking mute!)


Lois said...

What a cutie! Your so lucky to have it all on video and pictures, what a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Taiger!!! What a proud moment for you all!! Your excited voice on the video was music to my ears sweet Breclyn!