Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tooth Update

So, the day after Taiger had his tooth pulled, the Tooth Fairy came! The night before, I told Taiger about the Tooth Fairy and that, if he left his tooth under his pillow, the Tooth Fairy would leave a prize under his pillow in place of his tooth. That night, he layed right down and shut his eyes as tightly as he could. He told Jeremy and I that Jeremy needed to leave so we could all hurry and go to sleep. When I asked why, he said so that the Tooth Fairy would come and not pass by our house! He was SOOOO excited!

Well, that night the Tooth Fairy DID visit our house, leaving Taiger a letter AND a dollar. Taiger LOVED the letter and had both my Mom and I each read the letter to him. He also was SO excited to recieve a dollar! It was so cute, he called it, "A one dollar!", as in, "The Tooth Fairy left me a one dollar!" Totally redundant! I LOVE children's grammar!

You can REALLY see in this picture how SWOLLEN his face was for DAYS after the accident! His eyes were very puffy, as were his cheecks and lips.

Besides getting rich off the Tooth Fairy, another good thing came from him losing the tooth. When it happened, it hurt too badly for him to suck his binkie...You see where this is going?! Well, he didn't suck on it for several days and when he did, he said it STILL hurt his tooth! I don't know how it could HURT, maybe just feel "weird", but who am I to argue?! So, he decided to give his binkie to the Tooth Fairy, as well. So cute! Unfortunately, the other night he left a note asking the Tooth Fairy to please return the binkie. FORTUNATELY, it still hurts his "tooth", and he wants to give it now to the Binkie Fairy, who DOES NOT EVER, EVER give Binkie's back once she has them! He has been thinking a lot about this, and I don't want to push it. But...his binkie IS still sitting here on the night stand, and he is FAST ASLEEP! Could this really be the end of the binkie?!?!?!? NOT that I care...but WOOOOO HOOOOO! :D :D

So anyway, back to the tooth...Taiger looks so very cute without a tooth. Actually, it makes him look OLDER if anything! It also works GREAT to make him look more like a pirate! ARG!!!!

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