Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taiger and Edward

I only have a moment to write. My Mom took Taiger to the park, and you Moms out there know how that is...you are torn between wanting to savor every silent moment and read a book or sleep knowing this may be your only opportunity to catch up on laundry or cleaning. You also know it is your only chance to organize the toy boxes without all of the toys being pulled out even as you are putting them away. So much you could be doing but so little time in which to do it. You know you can't do it all, so which do you do? Laundry? Toys? Nap? And even as you are trying to decide which one to do, you are losing precious time! AGK!

So...in my indecision, I blog. :D

As many of you know, I am letting Taiger grow out his hair (and for those of you who didn't know, I am glad you do now so when you look at my pictures on my blog you don't wonder why I am neglecting my poor son and refusing to cut his hair). With this Twilight craze, Taiger has a new-found interest in vampires (this is certainly NOT spurred on by his mother, who has loved Vampires since LONG before Edward met Bella!). The only vampire movie appropriate for him is Twilight...and only a few scenes from that. Thus, the only "real" vampire Taiger has a visual on is Edward (and co., of course). Therefor, the only vampire Taiger wants to be like is Edward...and that includes LOOKING like Edward, hair and all.

I don't have the heart to tell him that no matter how long he grows his hair, it will not do a pompadour in the front. He knows exactly how it will go, once it is long, and he uses his hands to show how it will go, "like this".

Yes, I have shown him pictures of Emmet, who has short hair, and tried to convince him to do his hair like that.
I even showed him Laurent's hair and said he could have his hair like that (I even looked up online how to do yarn extensions in African hair!), but he doesn't want that, either. He just wants to look like Edward.

So, day after day he continues to grow out his hair. I don't pester him to cut it...this is something important and "cool" to him, and it isn't really doing anyone any harm. At least, it wasn't until recently. Now that it is so long, it is really starting to hurt him when I pick it out. I feel SO BAD! I make sure the hair is wet, and use detangler, etc...but it still pulls at the knots. As he starts to cry, I tell him I am sorry and we can cut it so it won't hurt. As soon as I mention the "c" word, he stops crying and holds in the tears. Poor little man!

Yesterday, I realized his hair is (finally!) barely long enough to braid. After the morning pain, er, combing, Taiger was more than happy to agree to letting Mommy braid it! (Maybe in the end, Laurent's -do will win?!)

After reading Peculiar Family's blog, I have learned that the first braiding job does not have to be perfect...it only matters that you keep trying. I did the best I could, but I know it isn't perfect. So, I will keep trying at it. However, I do think it turned out pretty cute!! Everyone thought he looked adorable with his little braids. :D He liked them, too, which made me happy. Also, I think this style will be a lot cooler (in temperature, I mean), which has been something I have worried about with his thick, long hair. Anyway, here are some pictures of his new -do. Please feel free to leave comments...AND SUGGESTIONS! (I really do NOT know what to do with African hair AT ALL! I am totally at a loss! Today, after he slept on it, many of the braids had come out...any suggestions on how to keep them from getting "frizzy" or coming undone?! Thank you to ANYONE who has ANY suggestions!)

Thank you all!


Jeremy said...

Taiger's hair is so cool! I wish I had hair like that!

Megan and Vinny said...

could he be any cuter?! love the hair!


Anonymous said...

It looks great Brec!! You did a fantastic job!!! & I knew we were friends for a reason... I too loved vamps before Twilight, although Twilight sent me over the edge into obsessed. I even named my dog Bella. Cheesy I know, but hey. I wish I had suggestions for you with Taigers hair. I'll ask my Mom if she has any tips given her barber background. I don't know that she will be any more help than I am since we live in an area populated mostly by whites and hispanics. She might not have any experience but it's worth asking her I guess :) I'll let you know. Keep posting pix! I can't wait to see his hair looong!