Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As you may have guessed with my lack of "blogging", my computer has been broken. WOW! What a traumatizing experience that was for me, but I made it through, and can say I am stronger now that I came through that challenging time in my life! HA HA! Anyway, so I want to give a quick up-date on what has been happening while we have been out of Bloggerland!

I have the most seriously CREEPY eyes here! Sorry! I am not really trying to shoot you through the computer with my x-ray vision, or anything like that.

Jeremy and I went camping with a BUNCH of his friends and their families. It was really, really fun! It wasn't in a camp ground, but rather on some mountain property a friend owned. It was really beautiful land! It wasn't as "woodsy" as I usually like for camping, but it was REALLY nice, and great to camp away from a camp ground. We were up there all alone with no other campers, etc. The scenerey was SO beautiful!!!!!! The sky was so clear at night, with SO many stars! One thing I LOVED was that, from where we were camping, we could see the Manti Temple in the distance! It was SO VERY, VERY BEAUTIFUL! We only stayed one night, but stayed all the next day, so we got in some good camping fun.

Manti Temple up close. Jeremy took a little detour and drove us past it on our way home!

This is the scenary from where we were camped! It was SO beautiful!!

First thing in the morning, we went and shot a gun Jer's friend had brought. It was my first time shooting (other than a couple of times my dad took me when I was really...REALLY...young...as in, too young to remember it!) I LOVED it! It was a LOT louder than it sounds on the movies. Also, the kick from the gun is different than you think it will be. I really enjoyed it, though, AND...I hit the can on my third or fourth shot!!

Me Shooting

We also had a huge game of Horse Shoes...something I had never played! It was really a blast, and I did pretty well, shooting TWO "Ringers". GO ME! I was the only girl who played, though, and wanted to start singing, "Where my girls at, from the front to back, get you feelin' that, put one hand up..." but that is all of the song I know, so I didn't sing it...that, among other reasons. LOL! Anyway, Jeremy's team came in First Runner Up! GO JEREMY! :P

We took the 4-wheeler up the mountain with some of his friends. It was fun! Jeremy drove up, and I drove back down, only nearly killing us once.

There was a really big fire pit so everyone had room around it. We roasted marshmallows and sat around it keeping as warm as possible...it was rainy and cool while we were there. But that is how I like it! It wasn't cold, but it wasn't hot. It was perfect, and we had a lot of fun!

I was sad we could only stay one night...I really was up to stay another night! But the next day was Sunday, and Jeremy and I both needed to be to church. Anyway, it really was THAT fun, not to mention totally relaxing, with no work, cel phones, responsibilites...We had a good time! It was a really fun mini-vacation!

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