Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surprise Date at Lagoon!!

So, Jeremy surprised Taiger and me and brought us to Lagoon!!!!! YES! REALLY! We had NEVER been before, but we had always wanted to go! I always told Taiger we would save our money so we could go "someday". Each Wednesday we pass Lagoon on our way to our music lessons, and Taiger beggs to go to Lagoon. Each Wednesday, I tell him "when you are older, maybe we can go! Save your money and some day we will go!"

Now we got to go!!!!!! Jeremy brought his sister with us to tend Taiger while Jeremy and I went on some of the "big" rides, but for the most part we all stayed together and rode rides Taiger could go on as well. It was fun! Taiger rode most of the kiddie rides. We also went on Rattle Snake Rapids and it was fun! The best was going on The Bat with Taiger. It was one of only a few "scary" rides that Taiger was tall enough to go on. He was REALLY excited to go on it, and wanted to go on it again and again. Unfortunately, it was the last ride we went on and it was time to go as soon as the ride ended. :( HOWEVER....I hope to go again some day and we will ridd it again and again!
After riding on The Bat, the only BIG roller coaster Taiger could ride on. He LOVED it!

Jeremy and I went on the Colossus, the Samurai and Blast Off. They were REALLY fun, as I LOVE scary rides! However...the BEST ride we went on alone was...THE SKY COASTER! YES! I went on it and LOVED it! (It is like a BIG swing that you LAY down on and they strap you on. Then, they lift you WAY up high, pull you back, and let you free-fall, swinging forward and then back and forth. The entire time you are "laying" on your stomach and it feels kind of like you are flying! AMAZING!)
In line for The Sky Coaster
Jeremy and I gearing up for Sky Coaster. Those were like REALLY heavy, canvas blankets that strapped on in the back and then hooked to the main line on the ride. It was much like when kids wear over-alls and their crazy uncle lifts them up by the back and swings them around!!

One of the BEST things was that Jeremy bought us "Dippin' Dots" to share and Taiger had never had them before! He LOVED them!!
Taiger eating Dippin' Dots

Anyway, it was the BEST Surprise Date EVER! Taiger hasn't stopped talking about it since we went!

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Jeremy said...

I'm so glad you guys had a fun time at lagoon! We will have to go back soon!