Sunday, June 7, 2009

Star Trek

So, Jeremy and I planned to go see Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past, and I had a family thing that night and ended up making us late for the movie. When we got to the theatre, we decided we would go watch something else rather than coming in 20 mins late to the movie. So we checked out what was playing, and decided to see Star Trek! Yes! Me! I have always thought it was so dorky to watch Star Trek! My dad used to watch Deep Space 9, and I would watch it in bits and pieces, but never understood the big draw and was bored by it.

Well, I will anashamedly admit here...I really liked the movie! It was great! I would totally watch it again!!!!!! I wouldn't say it is my favorite movie, or even that I would buy it and watch it over and over again. BUT I did really, really enjoy it! I think anyone who is anti Star Trek should watch it just to realize not EVERYTHING Star Trek is "Trekky"! LOL!

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