Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Funny Story

Tonight, my sisters, my brother and I went to see Body Worlds 3 at the museum!!!!! My parents bought us tickets for Christmas, and boy! Was it ever fantastic!

Anyway, tonight, while we were at Body Worlds, NaiNai and Bampa brought Taiger to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. Mom told me that when they came home, she thought Taiger would like some hot oatmeal to warm him up after being outside in the cold. She also thought he would be getting hungry! She made the oatmeal, but instead of putting milk in it, she mixed in whipped cream, something that makes it creamy and sweet (NOTE: This is something she NEVER did with me! It is a luxury only Grand kids enjoy). When she gave the bowl to Taiger he looked at her with concern in his eyes and said, "Gwandma, there is oatmeal in it!" HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just wanted the whipped cream! He said to her, "NaiNai, take the oatmeal out! Take it out!" In the end, for dinner Taiger had two dishes of whipped cream!!!!!!!!

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