Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quilts and Taiger being cute

I am making Taiger a quilt for Christmas. It has been QUITE an undertaking! I have only made one before, and that was also for him. I sewed it while I was pregnant with him. I was feeling all motherly and excited for my new baby, and the quilt was small and snuggly with soft fabric on the back and Christmas prints on the front (since he was due to be born December 4...he surprised me and came Nov 23, by the way!). Well, this quilt has been quite a different experience! I made it to be like a bed spread, so it is REALLY big...and was difficult to manage! Also, I LOVE piko's but I HATE sewing them. Well, I decided two days ago to add pikos to this quilt. I was up until after midnight last night trying to cut, fold and iron them. Well, I finished sewing the piko's on today, and was VERY impressed with myself! I finally figured out how to do the corners! WOO HOO! Anyway, I wanted to get the back done today as well, but as soon as I layed it out to pin the top to it, Taiger ran and layed down on it and started snuggling it. I was frustrated until I looked at how much he loved the snuggly blue fabric and how cute he looked all wrapped up in it, so instead I took a picture.

Taiger has been so...BUSY lately! I don't want to say "naughty", because he doesn't do anything really WRONG, just a lot of things that reqire cleaning up, or asking him to put that down, or don't do that, or you will hurt yourself, etc. Today he was being all crazy while I was trying to sew those DARN pikos so I was already at my wit's end. I told him to stop whatever it was he was doing. He stood up and walked over to the side of the room and with a pouty lip and puppy eyes said, "I'm just a little boy. I am just a little boy." It was so cute I could not be angry. I just started laughing. He is so precious and so sweet! I love him so much!!!!!!

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cicily said...

Haha,being a mother is such a fantastic thing!