Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cookies and Kwanzaa!!

Today, I finished our cookies! I took some pictures with a cell phone, but they were not very good (go figure). :( SORRY! I took two with my 35mm so when I develope those pics maybe I can put them on here.

So, today was the big Kwanzaa celebration at the museum! It was REALLY interesting and FUN! However, Taiger was tired and wanted to leave, so we didn't get to stay long. I was looking forward to the drumming and story-telling, but we left before either of those things. Too bad, but that is what happens when you have kids ;)! Despite being tired, Taiger was REALLY good, and participated as much as he could before he was so tired we just had to leave.

There was a great exhibit of Kente cloth, and I LOVED seeing that! I took pictures of Taiger in front of the Asante Kente cloth, as that is Taiger's heretage. A sign showed the names of each pattern of cloth, and I was amazed to see one pattern was something about talking to the Asante leader, Agyeman...that was Taiger's father's family name, as his family was the royalty in the Asante tribe! Taiger's middle name was almost Opoku-Agyeman, after his ancesters. Anyway, it was so fun and interesting, and made me excited to go to Ghana.

So, Kwanzaa started yesterday and will end on January 1. So, HAPPY KWANZAA, everyone!

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Samuel (and Parents) said...

I think a number of us (from the Yahoo! group)went to the celebration and we all missed each other We were there bright and early and stayed for a couple of hours. I looked to see if anyone I knew was there and didn't recognixe anyone.
It was wonderful wasn't it!