Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's time again for...

I am not very good at remembering to take pictures of myself/what I am wearing, so this week only has a few pictures. Sorry.

We went to Utah this week...what a BLAST! Anyway, my camera battery died our last day there, and I didn't get more batteries until the night before last, so some of the week I didn't take pictures. Sorry...again.

Shirt: Handed down (This shirt is getting some SERIOUS mileage! HERE and HERE)
Tank: Target-- $5.00
Capris: Target-- I think they were about $20.00

I wasn't loving the pants I had available to wear today (meaning, the only ones CLEAN!), so just ignore them, really. (But I will still list them, don't worry.)

Shirt: Handed Down (but the tag says "Forever". Where do they sell THAT brand? Any ideas?)
Tank: Old Navy(I forgot how much, but I assume around $5.00, knowing my budget for these things.)
Boy Cut Jeans: Old Navy $20.00

Dress: Old Navy (about 6 years ago!) $35.00
Cardigan: Target $15.00
Socks: (Taigers!) Target 5 pair for $4.00
Shoes: Aeropostale $20.00

And since I didn't have many pictures of what I wore this week, I thought I would post a picture of what I BET I would have been wearing this week had I been born 90 years ago. :)

These two lookers were waiting at the crosswalk with us while we were walking to Temple Square in SLC. I really did love their vintage style and wish I could pull it off, especially the one in the blue dress. I decided this is a picture of my sister and myself in years to come. I am the one in the blue, rocking the sunglasses. Don't I look fabulous?

What did YOU wear this week?

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