Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's time again fooooooor.....WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY!
With today's host, BREC! :D
I kind of forgot to take pictures a few days, so you will have to take what you can get.

Tank: Old Navy $4.00
Shirt: Handed Down (yes, yes...it is the same shirt I wore HERE)
Capris: Target $20.00
Shoes: Payless (I don't remember how much, but I want to say $10.00)
Same as above, but here I added the jacket to see which I liked better.
Jacket: Aeropostale (a THOUSAND years ago!) $25.00

Tank: I don't even remember. SORRY!
Dress: Forever 21 $10.00
Over Shirt Jacket Thing: I don't remember...SORRY!
This is the same thing as above, but tied in front for a different look.
(Yes, I wore it BOTH ways on the same day...had to mix it up, you know?!)

Blouse: Maurice's : $20.00
Skirt: Bought in 2003, you think I remember where?
Necklace: Maurice's $8.00
Shoes (not shown): TJ Maxx $7.00


Megan and Vinny said...

loving that plum dress! you always look so cute!

Shannon Dooley said...

Don't you just heart Forever 21? So many cute cheap things! That blouse from Maurices is definitely your color. AND BTW... I'm STILL L-O-V-I-N-G the bangs!!!! Just sayin'. :-) Hugs!