Friday, June 17, 2011


The tears well up in my eyes and it is hard to breathe as I read her blog post. I have been following M's blog for a while now. I have grown to love their family. Their life full of God and courage and love and a greatness I cannot explain, and a peace that is something I strive for.

About two days ago, their home was broken in to and robbed...while they were home.

The fear. That heart-stopping, knee-buckling, mind-numbing fear. Their computer and $30.00 were stolen, along with their security. Their world is shattered.

I cry because I know the fear.

I cry because I know if Taiger and I had left KFC in China at the time we planned, we would have been home when our home was robbed and we could have been the ones with guns pointed at us when our computer wast stolen.

I cry because this family has been through other experiences similar to my own, and I am heartsick we now share this similarity as well.

I cry because they have the grace to remember in the fear that God loves those men who broke in to their home, and I remember trying to remember that in the middle of my fear, too.

I cry because they cannot return to that house to live, and I remember staying the night at a friend's house the night we were robbed. That family is moving to a new house, they simply cannot live in that house anymore. I remember feeling so afraid to stay at our house, too. Those two weeks between the robbery in China and the plane flight out to America was horrible and I am glad that family is able to leave NOW and not have to wait those two horrifying weeks like we did.

I cry because someone understands how I felt.

I cry because of God's mercies.

I cry for what this family has suffered and lost.

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