Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Who is this fella"...

"Who is this fella"...

Going to the Fillmore Hotsprings...in the middle of the night!

At the Hilton
Eating (and being crazy!) at Buffalo Wild Wings

...asked my good friend, Blake, when he saw my facebook picture with Mr. J.

Another friend left a comment asking how I met Mr. J.

So, I guess it is time to fill you all in.

It's short and sweet...really, really sweet ;)

Mr. J and I met online.

(I'll wait while the crowd quiets.)

Yes, we met on Plenty of Fish.

(He doesn't know this, but for me it was love at first, eh, look-at-profile- picture. BUT DON'T TELL! I don't want him to think I am that cheesy...and I don't want him to get a big head.)

We talked for about a month before meeting in person.

He impressed me by asking me on a LUNCH date. (SUCH a gentleman! Dinner can mean, "I am going to try and put the moves on", where as lunch says, "I want to get to know you."

He also had us meet at the restaurant. (Again, SUCH a gentleman! Driving says, "I am in control. You are at my mercy. If you are having a bad time, TOO BAD! You can't leave until I say!" where as allowing the girl to drive herself says, "I am going to try and be nice and treat you well so you will choose to stay and not climb out the window when you pretend you have to use the lady's room.")

The instant I saw him, I recognized him, which means he didn't "lie" on his profile, nor did he post pictures from 15 years ago. I sat next to him while we waited for a table, and I was worried it would be uncomfortable sitting so close, but it wasn't. It was very natural and casual.

When our table was ready, we were seated and our waiter came. The waiter asked us, "What brings you here today?" I didn't know what to say! We had commented earlier on the weather, so I stammered something about the nice weather being why we came to lunch. Lame. At the SAME moment, he said something witty and charming. Indicating to me, he said, "Her!" meaning, me. Meaning, I was the reason he had come out today. Meaning, I was even better than the beautiful weather! We all chuckled at the difference in responses, and Mr. J tapped his menu on the table and said to the waiter, "Maybe we will just take our check now." HA! I started laughing and was smitten. HE MADE ME LAUGH! That is HUGE in my book. A guy with a sense of humor?! Marry me now! (NOT REALLY! Sheesh!)

Well, we ended up NOT taking our check at that moment, (hee) and instead stayed and talked for THREE HOURS! It was fantastic. It was so easy to talk to him. He stepped away from the table for a moment and in his absence, a girl at a nearby table asked if this was a first date. I said yes. She was there with her husband. I told them this was a blind date (even though it wasn't a "blind date" in the traditional sense). Right in front of her husband (who was very quiet and seemed to know to just go along with whatever his wife said) she said, "Wow! Nice job! He is really hot!"

I wonder if Mr. J had hired them. But I digress. ;)

After lunch, Mr. J had to leave rather quickly as he was going to a concert with a, ahem, "friend". I was pretty sure this was another date, and I only wished he would choose me over this other girl. I admit here, I was pretty crushed on the way home because I had really connected with him. I thought that would be the end.

Imagine my surprise and complete joy when it wasn't. ;)

And it STILL isn't! Here we are, four months from the time we met, three months from that first date.

I will say, if you promise not to tell him, I am still in love with Mr. J ;).


***megan*** said...

I love this! and I agree, if you can make me laugh, you've got me! such a sweet story...

Shannon Dooley said...

OMW! I love this!!!! How awesome to see you so happy! That last picture of the two of you is gorgeous!