Monday, April 23, 2012

National Princess Week

Strangely, when I hear the word, "princess" I don't think of royalty.

When I tell a little girl, "You are a princess!" I don't mean she is wealthy. I don't even mean she is beautiful! What I mean is she is something exceptional. She is something amazing. She is something SPECIAL. Usually, just telling a little girl she is a princess makes her BEAM! Sometimes, she will point her toe when she is told that she is a princess. To her, it is someone with grace. Sometimes, she will giggle. To her, it is something wonderful and she is overjoyed to hear it so she laughs. Sometimes, she prances off because to her it means she is someon
e confident.

I refrain from telling little girls they are beautiful or that they have nice hair or that I love their clothes, etc. Those are such solely physical things, and little girls are SO much more than their outward appearance. I tell them they are smart, or talented, or they are kind to others or they really know how to have fun. I also love to tell a little girl she is a princess. Did you ever read A Little Princess?
(This looks just like the one I read when I was young. :) )
I loved it.

Did you ever see Disney's "A Little Princess"?
It was based on the book and is my favourite movie. The girl in the movie says, "All girls are princesses! Even if they live in tiny attics, even if they dress in rags. Even if they are not smart, or young, or beautiful. We are all princesses! ALL OF US!"

Sometimes, I think, "If everyone is a princess, it is not something special to be!" In the way a "princess" might be portrayed, as something novel and unique, that is true. If everyone is special, no one is special.

HOWEVER...I see a "princess" as something different. Something INHERENTLY special, not special because of the name. I like to look at the Disney princesses as examples. Sleeping Beauty was abandoned by her parents. She was an orphan. She was a princess! Bell was a prisoner. She was a princess! Arial was was unable to talk, and had a hard time fitting in with her new society. She was a princess! Rapunzel was a run-away. She had experienced little of life and was different than everyone else. She was a princess!!

Every single girl can be a princess and still be as different and unique as the night is from the day.

Well, this week is National Princess Week. I intend to fully take advantage of it! I will be celebrating my inner princess. I will magnify my uniqueness and speak only kind words to myself (as I am sure any real princess would never use an unkind word! She may not even KNOW any unkind words!) I will view myself as special, and wonderful, and something worthwhile.

What about you? How will you celebrate Princess Week?

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Bryttan said...

Did you notice all of the princess in the picture at the top of your post, have switched their dresses? LOL