Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sew...er, I mean, SOoooo....

....I have been doing some sewing. I will share pictures another time...sorry to get your hopes up. It's just that my camera has had dead batteries for a while, so I had to use my OOOOLD school phone, and...well, anyway, there are no pictures just yet.

But here's the deal.

I enjoy sewing! I have a lot of cool things I want to make! I love looking at fabric! (Oh my, do I ever!!) I love going to the fabric store (the smell alone is DREAMY!).

I used to think I was so cool because I could sew things like blankets.

Lame, I know. Now. But I didn't then. I used to think it was amazing.

These days, my amazingly talented little sister has taken up sewing, and OH MY WORD! She ROCKS! She makes baby shoes, okay?! BABY SHOES! I mean, WHAT THE HECK??!! How do you even DO that?! How do you even think, "Huh. I should make baby shoes." She is AMAZING!

Well, I decided I should graduate from from blankets to something a little more...impressive.

So, I made little girl's dresses.

And OH MY GOSH, did I think I was amazing.

So what if my seams weren't straight?

So what if I used white thread on blue fabric (DUH!)?

So what if I sewed the eyelet lace on later and you can see the seam?

I was AMAZING! I mean, I made an article of CLOTHING for goodness sake! GO ME! Right?!


Well, my sister and I decided to make these cute skirts. We went and bought fabric and found out we didn't have enough.

My sister, being the creative, amazing, crafting magician she is, turned her fabric into the most stylish, cool, trendy skirt you have ever seen! (Oh, and she cut a zipper out of an old article of clothing and without any big deal just sewed it on to the skirt she made. Like nothing. Like it wasn't a huge deal, or anything.)

I decided I could be crafty, too!

So, I sewed the skirt.

And decided I to add an edge to the bottom, a ruffle, if you will.

So, I have the skirt almost done.

I was so impressed! I thought it looked SO DARLING!

Until someone told me otherwise.

And then I realized it looked a wee bit not great.

Dang it!

So, I am taking the ruffle off, undoing the pleats, redoing the pleats and sewing it back on. SIGH.

But I still hadn't lost all hope! I stopped at the fabric store, sighed, and moved on with life. I may have made a mistake, but I would learn from my mistake and fix it. My ego was slightly bruised, but not broken! I would carry, er, sew, on!

Until I got home and saw THIS.

That is what my sister did with her fabric. A fantastic skirt? AND unbelievable flowers sewn on to a shirt to match?

So, I hate my sister now. ;)

But she is absolutely amazing.

Until I came home.


The Dooley Family said...

The girl does have some impressive talent! I'm sure yours wasn't as bad as you are making out to be! It "seams" to me you are being too hard on yourself "sew" I'm "thready" to see pix to judge for myself. (Bahaha, I crack myself up.) But seriously, you should be proud you can make blankets! That's more than yours truly can do! And yay for perseverance (sp?). I luv that you didn't give up!

***megan*** said...

you make amazing bowties for little boys!