Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg-Head

So, here's the long and short of it...

Okay, that went nowhere. I didn't know where to start. Let me try again.

Tomorrow is Easter.

When I was little, my parents ALWAYS had such fun things for us from the Easter Bunny! Sometimes we got "big" things, like bikes. Other times, we got novel things, like beanbag chairs, and some years we got things that lasted forever like darling desk lamps (that we still have...well, I still have mine anyway!) Either way, the things we got were always bright, fun, sort of classic and timeless in a way. The FEELING behind it was spectacular!

This year, I had ideas of things to get Taiger! But nothing seemed to work out with the family situation. Where we are living, who is living here, etc. all play in to what Taiger could get for Easter. In the end, my sweet Mom bought him things that matched what the other kids were getting, and that is pretty much all he is getting.


I am not kidding. NO PEEPS!

I flaked!

Only, I didn't.

But it FEELS like I did.

I feel like something is missing. Something really special.

We have had a good week leading up to Easter, learning about Jesus Christ, as that is why WE celebrate Easter. So, I know that really he has what he needs for Easter...a knowledge of what Easter is about, and why we celebrate Easter.

But there STILL seems to be something missing. Something special. A FEELING, maybe.

So, tonight I feel like a bad Mom.

It happens.


***megan*** said...

you are, quite possibly, the best mom ever! easter isn't all about what is in your basket. I know what it feels like to think you are falling short. but taiger will be so happy tomorrow! just wait and see the smiles on his face.

Brooke said...

I feel the same way on holidays. I remember my parents always going all-out. I really try to do the same as they did, but it never feels the same. It feels like something is missing, for sure. I'd never thought about it until now, but I wonder if the thing missing is the magic of being a kid. The unknown and the anticipation. The illogical belief in some animal bringing candy-filled eggs or some fat man fitting down the chimney. Maybe we feel different because we don't have the unknown aspect we had as kids. I bet tomorrow is as magical and amazing for your little man as it was for you when you were a kid. You are an amazing mom and I know he'll love every minute!