Thursday, March 29, 2012

Riddles In The Dark

OH. MY. WORD!!!!!!

PHEW! Was that ever a FUN adventure! Holy smokes!

So, I will start telling you tomorrow all about the fun we had! But for now, see if you can figure out what on earth we ended up actually doing!

We visited The Capital without going to D.C.

We "Walked To Zion"...or IN Zion.

We stood where Angels are said to land.

We slept in a city of wood...TWICE!

We went through in a storm, only mispronounced.

We went to Italy and Holland, saw Paris across the way, traveled back in time to ancient Rome, and parked the car where pirates might hide.

That should leave you sufficiently perplexed until I post again. See you tomorrow!! (Bonus riddle: Do you know from where this blog title came??)

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