Friday, March 30, 2012

The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

You ready to hear about the FUN? Because I am SO excited to tell you! :) I am going to tell you each day one day at a time. So, today you will hear about Thursday, tomorrow you will hear about Friday, and so forth.

So, this post is the first step of a thousand mile journey.

I drove down Wednesday night.

This is me brushing my teeth in the car on the way down. Judge me if you will.

Then, we went to a special early showing of THE HUNGER GAMES! People were LINED UP to see the opening showing at midnight...but we walked in at EIGHT and got to see it, while they were all still sitting out there waiting. I felt sooooo special. ;)

After the show, we took pictures in front of the movie poster.

Here we are trying to look like people from The Capitol. Success? I think SO!

After the movie, we drove to Fillmore and camped. I thought I was going to FREEZE to death, but I had a FANTASTIC sleeping bag and was so surprised to find that I woke up WARM! It was SO GREAT!!

The next day is QUITE an adventure, so come back tomorrow! You will LOVE this next part of the journey!

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