Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smile A Day...for the week :)

So, did you notice? I hope not. What were you not noticing? The fact that I haven't posted my Smile A Day post in days!

Things have been a teeny-weeny bit busy (in other words, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY insane and out of control busy!) I never knew what madness went in to "school starting". I mean, I registered Taiger for kindergarten in JUNE, so then I just show up with him the first day, pat his head and nudge him into class, right? WRONG! That's not it at ALL! No, you have popsicle meet-your-teacher parties (which I LOOOVED and thought was a fantastic idea). Then, you have the OTHER registration day (what did I do in June??!??!) where you have to fill out P-I-L-E-S of paperwork on the most INTENSE coloured paper...magenta, fascia, tangerine (what happened to the primary colours?...and is Taiger supposed to know THOSE before his first day of school? And can I raise my hand at registration and ask what colour "magenta" is? YIKES!). Then, you take your child around the school and give them a tour (in other words, get lost dragging your child around empty hallways looking for the south-by-southwest door on the starboard side of the school to find the playground closest to Area A, whatever THAT means!) (All the while trying to look like the perfect mother, and trying to keep the other REAL perfect mothers from hearing when your child asks, "What's the next letter in my name again?" GOSH! We have been practicing this for a YEAR, and you choose NOW in front of the boy in the white polo shirt and khakis and his apron-wearing mother to forget?! SHEESH!) When you find the playground closest to Area A, you take your child outside to show them their new playground where all of the running and fun and socializing will happen...and you get locked out because "These Doors To Remain Locked as a Measure of Safety to Our Students In Compliance with Amendment 23589302348y756328234837 of the Something Law", so you have to run around the entire school to get back to where you parked the car, and now you are five minuets LATE to work.

THAT is how life is right now.

Not to mention the school shopping. Oh, the school shopping. And I don't mean, "Find a new pair of pants" (that was the easy part!). I mean, "Your new kindergartner will need 3 and a half bottles of four point two ounce ELMER'S school glue". Good luck.

On top of that, I was teaching my FREE TAVACI CLINIC for the past three days. At nine in the morning. (Yes, that meant we had to be to OTHER REGISTRATION at 8:00am. Taiger and I never even KNEW that "8:00" came twice a day!! Amazing! We are learning so much from this school experience already.)

Okay, but in spite of all the craziness, we have had a great week AND I got batteries for my camera. :) So, here are a few things that made me smile this week. Enjoy!


***megan*** said...

oh how i love this post! sounds like life is keeping you on your toes. taiger is going to love school! you are such a great mom and i love the pictures you posted. thanks for making me smile today.

B-Blogit said...

Oh it is a lot to prep for the first day of school! You would think it would be easiet!