Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smile A Day for Sunday

Okay, my Smile A Day for Saturday was Taiger's party. I know you are all DYING to know about this. It was off the wall! SO incredible and so fun! The party of the century, to be sure. I have so much I want to tell about it! So, those posts are coming soon to a blog near you. In the meantime, enjoy some shots of the most fun, friend-filled day of the summer!

The Very Merry Un-Birthday Boy!!

Taiger watches, totally entertained (as any little boy would be!), as his buddy stuffs his mouth full of rice crispy treat and tries to chew!

Taiger is ready to take on some bad guys, while t-ball teammate "C" hides his watermelon behind his back for the picture....Sorry, C, we aren't fooled! The watermelon juice dripping down your mouth...and chin...and chest...is a giveaway!!

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