Friday, August 19, 2011

A Journey Through The First Day of Kindergarten

And since SOMEONE can't wait to see pictures of Taiger on the first day (cough, Aunt Itsy-Bitsy, cough), here are pictures of his first day. So, come with me on a walk through his first day of school. :)

First, Taiger had a bath.

Then, he ate a HUGE breakfast...sausage, mini muffins, eggs, strawberries, bananas and milk.

Time to get dressed and put on his shoes.

Then, it was FINALLY time to put on that super cool Star Wars backpack!

And we're off!!

Here is the big kindergartner outside his school. Look at that game face!!

Here he is with Mommy...who is amazingly NOT crying like a baby. :)

On the way in to school, we got distracted with the swings. :)

Here is the door to his classroom!

After the pictures it was time to line up outside with his classmates.

Here he is in line with the rest of his class.

And let me tell you, that kid was not worried or nervous a bit his first day of school! I, on the other hand, was a wreck! (Okay, not a WRECK, but I DID feel like my little baby was growing up a little too quickly for my liking. :) ) So, this is me outside the school after he went in to class.

AND...here he is on the playground after school. Not crying and running in to my arms, but playing and laughing and happy as could be. His first day of school was great!

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