Friday, August 5, 2011

Smile A Day # 3 & #4

I missed TWO DAYS of the "Smile A Day"! So sorry! I was out of town visiting my sister and her husband AND their new puppy. :) So, here are my pictures from Wednesday and Thursday. Enjoy!

On Wednesday, I saw T's "shield" outside, obviously on it's way to the garbage. I HAD to snap a picture! We made these shields earlier this year (yes, I made one, too) (and we made swords, too...) and the picture T drew on his was so cute, I LOVED it! So, here his his shield. The picture is of a man fighting a dragon. SO creative! It made me smile to see it again and remember the fun we had making them and fighting with them.

The next picture is one my sister snapped of me while playing with her puppy. Now, ANYONE who knows me even AT ALL knows my hatred for dogs. I HATE THEM. HATE. I know, everyone says, "Hate is a strong word"....well, then it is perfect, because I have some very strong feelings about dogs!

But this one?

I wouldn't say he "stole my heart", but I will say I tolerated him, and thought he was cute and fun (for someone else!). And Taiger absolutely LOOOOOVED the little fluff ball. So that melted my heart. :) I did like the little critter. He was so playful and also so snugly! Aw, cute. ;)

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