Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Karamajong Necklace

Sorry the picture quality is SO poor! I cannot use my camera and had to use my cel phone.
One of the organizations Sixteen Small Stones wishes to help is Amazima Ministries. We really want to sponsor a child. Unfortunately, at this time, our budget doesn't permit that kind of long-term commitment, along with the others we carry. It is sad, because it was one of the FIRST places we had looked at helping. :( Anyway, in case you don't all know, Amazima Ministries was started by a magnificent young woman, Katie Davis, whose blog has changed my life, really. She serves the people in Africa...and when I say "serves", I don't mean she is nice to the people there, or brings in one meal if someone has a sugary (the kind of "service" most of us immediately think of). She has DEVOTED every moment of her LIFE to the people there. I encourage you all to read her blog, from beginning to end, and see how her story can change you, even in the smallest way.

Two women who help organize and run Amazima from America started a GREAT company called 147 Million Orphans. They sell products that bring awareness to the orphan crisis around the world; for instance, t-shirts that say, "Feed 1" or "147 Million Orphans". ALL of the money they get from their products go to helping feed and care for the orphans in Africa through Amazima Ministries and Katie Davis' work. (You can also purchas their items at cost to use for fundraising for your own adoption! Amazing, huh?!)

In recent months, Katie has started caring for the people of a village in Uganda, the Karamajong Village (I surely hope I spelled that correctly!). The posts she wrote on her blog during those first few visits to that village were amazing. I hung on every word, and doubted if she would actually be able to help the people there! I was sure she would be badly hurt or even killed if she continued to venture into that village. Katie, I have no doubt, is attended to by angels, and through miracles, she has been able to continue serving the most destitute and desperate people, those in that village. Katie started a food program there to feed the families and children in that village. Katie has touched so many lives in that village through her service. Katie has SAVED so many lives there. To think of my doubt in the beginning about her even entering that village. She is a testament to me that God ALWAYS provides a way for His will to be accomplished...even in the most impossible situations, like Katie serving the people of the Karamajong. (Really, you MUST read her blog and read that story!!)

Katie has taught the woman of the Karamajong to make BEAUTIFUL, authentic African necklaces. 147 Million Orphans sells the necklaces and all of the money goes back to Katie's food program in that village. Needless to say, I have wanted one of those necklaces since they first were available to purchase! For Christmas, my Mom gave me the money and told me to order a necklace. After a horrible day yesterday at work, I came home to a package in the mail. Can you guess what it was?!

Knowing that I donated to that wonderful cause is enough. However, having a beautiful and well crafted necklace is exciting! I hold the beads and close my eyes, and I can see the woman making the beads. I can smell the dirt and the humidity of the jungle that surrounds them as they work. I can hear the children's voices. When I wear it, it reminds me of Katie's work. It reminds me of the doubt that any good could be done in that place. It reminds me of my own weakness and it reminds me to out my faith in a God who is bigger than me. It reminds me of a God who knows each of the people in that village, who knew that Katie would go there. He knew she would be frightened, and He planned a way for her to serve those people. This necklace reminds me of the work I must do, and that, even though I AM weak, I must not put my faith in my weakness, but put all of my faith in God's strength.

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