Wednesday, January 27, 2010


UNICEF (yeah, UNICEF) has stopped ALL adoptions out of Haiti, including the adoptions that were already being processed before the earthquake. This means, children who were already orphans, who deffinately ARE orphans, and who have families WAITING for them in other countries (including America) can't get out. Families who have done the entire adoption process and just need to go pick their child up and bring them home, cannot. WHY??!!??!?!?!? I can see not letting just any child who cannot find their parents in all the chaos leave to a different country. That makes sense. But children who have been orphans for years (or for their entire lives), who were already being legally adopted?

UNICEF, you suck.

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megan said...

where did you find this info? i've been hearing that "aid" groups were looking to do just this. this is madness!!! families and kids already to go... what is wrong with them?