Thursday, January 28, 2010


Get your "Mother Of The Year Award" voting ballads ready, because i am about to take the cake.

When Taiger was younger, some idiot lady came in to my work and told me that Taiger would never learn to talk with that "plug" in his mouth. I HATE people who judge me for Taiger having a binkey. Anyway, at that time he not only spoke English, but was also picking up a lot of Chinese (he also used a lot of sign language as an infant...I mean, more than just "please" and "more", but I digress). Anyway, that is not the point.

The point is, somehow, even with his binkey, Taiger somehow learned to talk. Since he was really little he would use ENORMOUS words, like "excellent", "amazing", and "genius" (while speaking of his bright mother, of course! HA HA!). He would ask about big words he would hear that other kids would not even realize they were hearing. His vocabulary never has lacked. In fact, the other day he told me something was "phenomenal"...which is phenomenal, I think, for a four year old.

Well, anyway, as a tiny child, his talking was rather charming. Everyone got a kick out of hearing him speak very clearly, articulating his feelings and thoughts well. We thought he was just so smart!

Then, he hit this month.

Okay, so he is still smart. But he NEVER. STOPS. TALKING.

No, really. NEVER. Sometimes, he talks in his sleep.

The other day, he went to Idaho, and Bryttan and I just sat on the bed without talking. Finally, we both agreed, "It is just so quiet without Taiger."

Last night, he wanted me to watch a movie with him. I was experiencing one of my massive headaches I get these days, and thought laying on the couch, snuggling with him, watching a movie, would not only be relaxing, but also good "bonding" time (okay, I know doing something productive or educational is BETTER bonding time...I said this was GOOD bonding time...as in, better than him being in one room and me being in anther....which, by the way, NEVER happens...).

Taiger talked through the ENTIRE movie. And I don't mean, visiting with me, or not being interested in the movie. He was GLUED to the movie...but never stopped talking. I thought I was going to DIE.

After the movie, we had to go back to the warehouse to pick up my Mom (long story). We got in the car, and he was STILL talking. He did not stop the entire 10 minuet ride to Murray.

And this is when you get to cast your votes! Best Mom in the WORLD coming at you, right here.

As he was jabbering (because that is what it is...not talking...just mostly jabbering), I picked up my ipod, stuck one of the ear buds in my ear, and turned on the soundtrack to Twilight. I just couldn't take it any more! At first, I just had one headphone in...so I could hear him and answer his questions. But after only a short moment, the other went in. I kept my "Mommy ears" open, so I could hear him if he needed me. But I totally was trying to block the rest out.

Cast vote now. You read that correctly. I was TRYING to BLOCK out most of my son's JABBERING.

What kind of mother am I?!

The kind who is just plain tired of LISTENING!


B-Blogit said...

I dont think you are a bad mom. I think as parents we have limits to things. Being a stay at home parent right now, my kids have taught me a lot about limits.

Im not saying what you did was wrong but I am saying we arent perfect either we make mistakes.

I can see many parents just telling their kid to shut up. instead you let him talk but just "tuned out" so to speak. I think of those two you made a better choice! :)

The Hermyzoo! said...

I have to call you NORMAL. We all get to that point, we just might do it differently. I must say I love the idea of the IPOD :)

We all get to a point WHEN enough is enough, I have had my fair share believe me. I have 5 constant jabber jobs and nightly I long to see 8 on my clock. I like you LOVE and adore my kids. But need my down time to, to share the day over.

MY VOTE, from reading your blog. YOUR A FABULOUS MOM!!!!

megan said...

1 vote for awesome mom!!!

my mom said that i talked so much as a kid that i drove my grandma insane! when i was in elementary school my mom made me do my homework with a notepad next to me. the notepad was for me to write down all the stuff i wanted to tell her when i was done, otherwise i would have never completed a single assignment.

i think your idea was inspired - i need to keep my ipod handy to "tune out" vinny sometimes - and he is my 35 year old husband!

what a great way to keep your sanity and not say something to taiger you might regret later... good choice, mama!!!

MommyBrec said...

THANK YOU guys! You all make me feel so much better...:D Someimes, we parents need others out there to let us know we are not "bad" parents...we are just NORMAL! Thanks, you guys!


The Medleys said...

That is so funny! I know the feeling. They said Adam would never talk. Now he NEVER stops. Seriously. It's so funny but sometimes i'm like AAAHH!!!! it's ok. My mom understands :)

FullPlateMom said...

Sometimes I tell the kids they need to be quiet so that I can "concentrate" on driving. I tell them I'm worried if they keep shouting I'm worried we'll get in an accident. I don't really think we would, but it's possible. My eldest all talk like Taiger, and there's FOUR of them, plus the almost 2 year old that that is quickly catching up.

gabi dickinson said...

I vote you human.
And also beautiful.
And strong.
As a Mommy, you're one of the best I know!