Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I kept thinking I should blog, but didn't get around to it. There is was much to say, updates to give...

and then The Earthquake hit...THE ONE...if you haven't heard of the earthquake in Haiti, please go read about it! To be honest, I have read very, very little about it. I am hiding from the pain. I am hiding from the images of children weeping, of mothers dying. I am plugging my ears against their cries, going up to God from the dust of the earth. I will hide from the anguish...but I cannot turn away from it. I cannot look away. My heart breaks for them. My arms yearn to reach out to them.

A few years ago, I read about a woman who started an orphanage in Haiti. That short story changed my life. _I_ wanted to help! "Anyone can open an orphanage? Just any caring person can start bringing home needy children and caring for them? Then that is what I will do!" And that is how my vision for my orphanage began. Since then, things have changed, politics played a minor roll in my plans, but I still think of that woman all the time. I wonder how she is doing. I wonder about the children for whom she cares. I remember her story of them all sleeping on the concrete floor of the orphanage because they had no beds. (It inspired me and made me realize I don't have to have EVERYTHING in order to do SOMETHING). I remember her story of their leaking pipes.

I wanted to adopt from Haiti. Last year, I actually turned in my information and was on the verge of BEGGING to be allowed to adopt. I found three brothers and knew...KNEW...they were to be my sons. I cried for them. I prayed for them. In the end, I accepted God's will and His timing and let a piece of my heart go to be with them in Haiti rather than bringing them home to my arms.

Today, I think of that woman. I think of those three brothers. I picture Haiti...then...and then the haunting pictures I have seen of Haiti now...today.

My body aches for the people of Haiti.

I knew how much money was in my paypal account. People, brave and humble people, have donated money to Sixteen Small Stones, with the purpose of feeding the children at Luckyhill. ALL of the money is to be used strictly for food for the children in Ghana. Today, I was wishing that Sixteen Small Stones could do something for the people of Haiti. I knew how much was in my account. When I went to send some money to Ghana, the amount in my Paypal account was far above what it had been the last time I checked! In fact, it had nearly DOUBLED. I want to thank everyone who donates money, so I quickly checked my sss email to find out who donated the money. No new messages. No new donations to SSS. From where did the money come? I have no idea! To where will the money go? I have no doubt. Tomorrow, it will be sent directly to Haiti through the LDS website, www.give.lds.org/emergencyresponse.

God is good. God is ALWAYS good. He knows our hearts, and He knows our trials. He hears the cries of His children, and although there is suffering and pain, He will not leave us. He will come to us.

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Anonymous said...

This gave me chills! How awesome that the funds have doubled! You have such a big heart Brec & your post filled my eyes with tears. I pray your dreams of adopting & starting an orphanage will come true soon.