Sunday, March 15, 2009

A FUNNY story and China plans!!

Today, Taiger was throwing his toys...one of his habits I have tried so hard to break!! Anyway, I told him not to throw them and so did NaiNai, so when he tossed one again I had him stand in time out. OH, does he ever HATE time out!!!!!!! He wailed and was so upset! I didn't make him stand there the usual three mins...maybe 30 seconds (AM I A BAD MOM!?!?!?!?!) When I told him he could come out of time out and give hugs, he came and threw himself in my arms and said, "That's NOT a great idea!"

Taiger LOVES "small" spaces. He loves to bury his face in my neck to sleep, or hide under a blanket, etc. Today, he was SO tired and we went and lay down on the bed to take a nap. He made me cover his entire body under TWO blankets!! When I could tell he had fallen asleep I peeked under and he was curled up so cute with his hands in a little ball by his face. He is so snuggly and cute! Taiger loves to cuddle and snuggle. He is so sweet.

Taiger and I are sick AGAIN! I can't believe it! Jeremy is sick, too. Ryan is FINALLY starting to act better. We got sick and once we started to feel better Ryan caught it. Now that he is just starting to feel better he passed it back to us!!!!!

Taiger and I have decided to go to China. We will leave this summer. I can't wait! Taiger is SOOOO excited, too!!!!!!

I am going to spend a lot of time reaching out to the homeless and orphaned this time. I always wanted to go help, but didn't know what I would do to help! Katie inspired me, totally!!!!!! (If you don't know Katie's story, PLEASE read her blog kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com. Start at the first and read all of her entries if you really want a good read. You will feel so inspired and uplifted!!!!!) I want to set up some kind of food aid program, somewhat like hers. She sponsors kids for school and provides those kids with food. I want to first feed them, and then see about school. I am not sure if attending school is an option for many of the children, but we will see. God has a plan for Taiger and me. We will serve as He wishes and follow His guidance to know how to help. I THINK I will have a certain time each day when those who need it can come to my home and have a meal and sit in my house and get warm. I want to have a kind of "Dinner and Rice Bag" program, where they can come and eat dinner and get warm with a rice bag (those are those fabric sacks sewn with rice in them. You microwave them and they heat up). I don't want to send the rice bags with them for fear they may be stolen for the rice inside. So, they can come and eat and get warm. I have a feeling I will not be able to take back the rice bag and kick everyone out, so I am sure I will have many visitors sleeping in my home! I wouldn't have it any other way, really. :D I was thinking of doing a family food sponsorship program, too. Some families have shelter and maybe even work (farming, for instance) but still cannot make ends meet so they beg on the street. I want to provide them with food. I would like to distribute food to those in the countryside who may need some extra help, especially in the winter when work is slow (especially for farmers, but also for migrant workers). I think I will try and grow a few veggies at my house to have on hand to add nutrients without adding a huge cost (I won't have tons of money). I think I will grow tomatoes, zucchini and beans. It's not a lot, but it will help feed people who truly need it.

Anyway, I will be teaching school and also taking care of Taiger, so I am just praying and having FAITH that God will give me the strength to do everything, and give me enough hours in a day to accomplish it all.

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